Fish Dishes Recipe

Fish Dishes Recipe

When you want to prepare a meal in a hurry, tremely nutritious food, the Cooking Time is fish is always an excellent choice. It is an ex- usually short, and if prepared with a little care and imagination, it makes a delicious main dish. I hope you will find that the recipes in the following chapter will provide you with a number of interesting new ideas.

General methods of cooking fish

To fry fish

Small whole fish, such as herrings, mackerel, haddock, plaice, sole, whiting or steaks of cod, halibut, hake, should be used.

1 Herrings and mackerel are generally fried in shallow fat or oil. Other fish can be fried in shallow or deep fat.

2 Clean and prepare the fish according to its kind.

3 Coat with flour to which salt and pepper has been added.

4 Or coat with egg and breadcrumbs or with batter.

5 Fry until golden brown, then reduce the heat and fry until the flakes begin to separate.

6 Drain well on kitchen paper.

7 Serve with maitre d’hotel butter.

To grill fish

Use fish as for frying.

1 Heat the grill and brush the grill rack with a little melted butter or oil.

2 Season the fish, brush with oil or melted butter.

3 Grill for 2 minutes on both sides, then reduce the heat and continue the cooking until the fish is cooked.

To bake fish

Whole fish, as above, or steaks or fillets of fish are suitable.

This is a popular method as no flavour is lost in the cooking. Baked fish is often stuffed before cooking.

1 Prepare the fish according to its kind and stuff if required.

2 Put into a baking dish with a little hot butter or dripping.

3 Baste with the hot fat and if liked sprinkle with a few breadcrumbs.

4 Bake in a moderately hot oven (375‚°F – Gas Mark 5), allowing approximately 10 minutes to each 1 lb. of fish plus 5 minutes over, e.g. a piece of fish weighing 2 lb. would take approximately 25 minutes to cook.

5 Serve on a hot dish garnished with lemon and parsley and with a suitable sauce.

To boil fish

This method is suitable for large fish which have a good natural flavour, e.g. salmon or turbot.

To improve the flavour of boiled fish, seasoning and flavouring should be added to the water in which the fish is cooked, or chicken stock may be used.

You will need:

2 pints water

1 tablespoon vinegar

4-6 peppercorns

1 onion stuck with 2 cloves bouquet garni 1 carrot 1 onion salt

1 Combine above ingredients, bring to boil.

2 Tie the fish loosely in a piece of muslin, put into the boiling water, cover and simmer very gently. For thick fish allow 10 minutes to each

1 lb. and 10 minutes over, e.g. a 2 lb. fish should simmer 30 minutes.

3 Remove the fish carefully, drain well and serve with a good sauce. (For sauce recipes to serve with fish, 21.)

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