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Hi guys, we’re back. I’m Katie And I’m Charlie And we’re with Abella’s Braids. We’re here to show you a super simple and beautiful faux braid and we hope you like it. Before we get started please comment to Hairstyles with this button and don’t forget to give us a thumbs up! So for this hairstyle we’ve prepped Charlie’s hair. Can you tell them how we prepped it, Charlie? Curling [Katie] Yeah, we curled it with a one inch curling iron all over. Now, we’re gonna part the hair deep to one side as we’ve done here and then I’m gonna go to this side, over here, and I’m gonna take this section of hair, just like this, Smooth it a bit, and then I’m going to put an elastic in. Now, you’re gonna wanna do this loosely. You don’t want it too tight to the head. See how it’s kind of away from her head. Then I’m gonna split this in half and I’m gonna reach through with my thumb and my finger and pull it though. And that creates a little loop. Then I’m just gonna tug on it a little bit to loosen that. Now I’m gonna leave a nice, good portion out of her hair out of the style, right here, to frame her face. I’m gonna take the next section down here, smooth it a little.

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My next section is underneath this one. I’m gonna put the whole ponytail in and a section of hair. And the same thing, I’m just going to add an elastic loosely. Okay so, for this section that I’m going to use one of these little tools. I showed you the first on in case you don’t have one. Just push it through the middle and grab this hair. Pull it all through, and then all you have to do is make sure you don’t have hold of any of this hair and pull it through. And it does that little loop for you. And again, I’m gonna to loosen the look a little bit with just pulling it out, pancaking it. And I’m just gonna do this a couple more times. and I think I’ll do one more. ‘Kay so you can leave the hairstyle like this, or you can continue it down the ponytail, which I’m going to do. And now, without adding any hair in, I’m just going to add an elastic down a little ways then I’m going to do another loop, just with a ponytail. Kinda work with it just to get it lay how you want and then pancake it. And then you can continue this down the ponytail as long as you want. So this is your finished look. And then to finish this look off, Charlie loves to be fancy, so we’re gonna go ahead and stick a few butterflies in. Thank you so much for watching, everyone. We really hope you enjoyed this post. Do you like this hairstyle, Charlie? Yeah Yeah, we hope you like it to. Please be sure to comment to Hairstyles with this button here. If you wanna see more of our posts you can find us up here and you can find Hairstyles posts down here. Thanks guys, bye! Bye!.

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