Flip Twist Hairstyle by Lexi Tiny Styles

See it’s cute, and it’s hanging like this. Hangy and like a curl. I’m gonna spray some hairspray in my hand. Hey everyone, I’m Abby from LA and today I have a couple big announcments before we move to the post. Number one, CGH after all these years, is changing days and times. Starting next week, we are going to be on Mondays at o’clock instead of Sundays at. So do not forget, set your calendar, set your alarm. Mondays at pm central time, so that’s when you’re gonna find our posts from now on. Also, we’re gonna be mixing in more family vlogs and today’s post is going to be a tiny styles post. Now sometimes we get posts from you guys sent in by different people with their kids doing hair, and it’s so adorable. We just love them so much, we just feel like we can’t not share them. So today you’re going to see cute little Lexi doing a tiny styles post.

Flip Twist Hairstyle by Lexi Tiny Styles Photo Gallery

She’s adorable, you’re going to love her. I’m telling you, we all just think she’s darling at our house. Now don’t forget, if you haven’t comment to our blog, be sure to do that by clicking the comment button down below this box and let’s get on to Lexi! Hi, hi, hi! Hello, hello, hello! My name is Lexi and I’m gonna show you a cute hairstyle called the flip twist. And you see, I got one already and you see it’s cute and it’s hanging like this. Hangy and like a curl. I’m gonna do the same thing to Me. So you see, I just put it up like this. You’re just gonna grab your hair out, it’s not that hard. All you need is clips, ponytails, and you’re fine. And you always need hairspray. I like to use a little bit touching. I wanna make sure it’s tight. Now I’m gonna take one of my clips, just gonna grab it and you see I’m just gonna clip it. What you need if you don’t have a big enough clip, you could. some might be hangy, some might be not. That’s okay. So you see, I’m just gonna pin it back. And you’re gonna just.

Try again if you mess up. Sometimes I mess up, but that’s okay. So you see I have two ones, I’m gonna spray some hairspray in my hand and you just flatten it down. So it’s nice and pretty. Did you guys love Lexi as much as we did? My favorite parts were when she starts singing everything or also when she sprays the hairspray in her hands and then starts using it. Very, very cute. If you guys have other three year old to eight year old boy or girl posts of them doing hair that are so cute and adorable, be sure to send them us via WeTransfer files. You can send them to cutegirlshairstyles@gmail.com and maybe you’ll get featured one one of our Tiny Styles posts as well. Now, if you wanna see all of our other Tiny Styles posts, you can click right here. If you wanna find some of our family vlogs, you can click right here. As always, don’t forget to comment to our blog and if you’re already comment, ring the bell and we will see you guys next week on Monday at o’clock. See you guys, bye you guys.

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