Floating Braided Half Up style for Short Hair

This braided half up style that you can wear a couple different ways you can wear it was one braid or two braids but either way it’s totally cute, and really easy. So you’re going to start out by taking a small section from the front right next to your hairline, and braiding underneath then once you’ve raided a couple times normally you’re going to go ahead, and take a piece from the top, and incorporate it like you would with a French braid. So you take a small piece of hair incorporate it with that piece of hair that you’re about to braid under, and then braid it in with the hair then you braid once normally, and you can see, I’ll kind of loosening up the hair. So the brain stays nice, and loose right around in that hairline, and then you repeat you take a piece of hair you incorporate it with the piece you’re getting ready to braid it in your braid it under, and then you braid under what’s normally, and you continue doing that until you reach just behind the ear or however far back you want to braid you can hypothetically take this halfway around your head or two-thirds of the way around your head, and finish it off there if you wanted to just depending on the look that you’re going for once you’ve decorated as far as you want to you can go ahead, and braid normally down the hair, and you go as far down as you want this braid to go.

Floating Braided Half Up style for Short Hair Photo Gallery

So you can go to the end of your hair or you can go halfway down the hair for a more kind of beach look just depending on what you’re going for once you’ve reached the end of the hair that you’re going to braid you can go ahead, and tease the end of it to hold it in place this way you don’t need to use an elastic, and it’s just kind of a free-falling braid then if you want to use, and repeat the exact same thing on the other side. So, I’ll doing my Dutch lace braid all the way until just past the ear, and then once. I reached that point, I’ll just braiding normally until. I reach the end of my hair, and then, I’ll just taking that comb, and teasing. So that. I can hold the end, and that’s it like. I said you can wear this with one braid or two braids you could take one braid all the way around the hair if you wanted to whatever you want to do it’s totally cute, and really easy. I hope you guys like it and, I’ll see you guys in my next post bye.

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