Intricate and colourful, the Hammam Deluxe, imagined by Michaela Schleypen is a 100 percent art silk carpet cut on denim backing. Each piece is hand tufted and knotted.

Really, he‚ „s using you for whenever he‚ „s available. Mr. Nice and sweet but just not right is who you‚ „re dealing with. You have become entangled in his lies, deception and game. Yes, it‚ „s his game, because he‚ „s been playing you. He has figured out exactly what its takes to win your heart and now he has you. He plays these games in order to keep you while he benefits in ways that hurt you. If he knows you‚ „re insecure, he will exploit that weakness by comparing you to other women, and when you call him out on it, he will act like you‚ „re overreacting. He knows how to make you question yourself and even blame yourself for his bad behavior. Then he punishes you by disappearing. He will stop answering your calls, he will ignore your text messages and he will pretend that every argument is all your fault just to manipulate and control the situation. You may not even realize you‚ „re being played like this, because manipulation is deceiving.



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