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I spent a magical ten days in Macon with Old Grey Whistle Test in the summer of 1976, intoxicated by the fabulous mix of Southern Rock and Soul. We were there to cover the Macon Picnic, a spectacular three day BBQ hosted by Capricorn record label

You just don t get to be as big as they all are on zero talent, whatever the bro~country critics may say…

Some interviews work like a breeze and some are just hard to put into words. An interview for me can be as effortless as a conversation between two friends, or as heavy as the close and constant hot-and-bothered shuffling between two strangers on the underground. As soon as the new album by Pieta dropped into the office, I knew I needed to talk to her. I’ve always admired Pieta’s sound and I have always recognised her flawless and natural musicianship. Though it may not suit everyone’s tastes, the effortless and wondrously uplifting sound of her voice and the instrumental prowess that always takes place on her records make it a joy to listen to no matter your mood.

The new album titled PARADISE OUTLAW is her sixth studio album release and follows releases such as MERCURY in 2011, REMEMBER THE SUN of 2007 and her self-titled debut from 2002. She has been a musically talented individual from such a young age, as the daughter of renowned singer-songwriter and musician Greg Brown whose songs have been performed by the likes of Willie Nelson and Mary Chapin Carpenter and whose musical life largely shaped that of Pieta’s.

The new album has been a massive breakthrough for Pieta, taking her music to new heights and exploring new facets of herself that had not yet been revealed. “I feel like it’s very me – all the way me… The last few albums I’ve had a hand in producing and co-producing but this one I kind of took full rein of that.’

Feeling precious about something that has taken so much of you to create is commonplace in the world of creativity and Pieta has done just that with this record.

‘I think for a lot of songwriters and musicians you feel like that with every album. Maybe not every album, but when you’re in the heart of your release and recording, you get consumed with it, at least that’s been the case for me. 1 think for this one I just really stepped up to the plate, laying all my production ideas out was fun for one thing, but it was also freeing artistically. In that regard it’s definitely a step for me, something closer to where I want to keep heading.’

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