Flower Crown Braid Updo Hairstyles

Hi guys it’s Katie and Charlie with Abellas Braids. We’re here to show you a Flower Crown on Charlie and the flowers are going to be made out of hair. So it’s really pretty. I think you’re gonna love I. And please be sure to comment to Hairstyles with this button below, and make sure to give us a Big Thumbs Up on this post. Thanks guys. The parting for this hairstyle will be parting down the middle, all the way down. And then each one of these sections, cut in half. So halfway between her forehead hairline and the back of her hairline. I’m going to make another parting, and I’m going to pin these four sections outta the way. So the hair should pretty much be divided in four equal pieces. Since I have this last section out I’m gonna show you, turn your head this way a little bit. We’re gonna section each of these sections in half as well, and we’re gonna go pivot from this point, so it’s like pie slices all the way around the head. Starting from the middle of the head, down to the hairline.

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And then each one of these high slices is going to be braided in the Three Strand Braid. And just braid it as low to the bottom of the hairline, or the front over here, bottom over here, as possible and you’re going to pancake out one side as you go. And just finish each section with a little elastic to hold the braid together. Now I’m going to go back, and I’m gonna do the same thing with this side. And then you’re just gonna repeat this, split each section in half, and braid as low down as you can. Okay so here we are on a front parting, and I’m gonna slice it in half. When you’re on the section toward the face you want the braid to be as close to her face as possible.

Okay, so then I’m gonna braid this section, and I’m going to leave out some hair, to frame the face. You can do this if you wish, or not. And I’m gonna fast forward, I’m gonna braid, there is one, two, three, four, five more braids. Okay, so we just finished all eight braids. There’s two in each section, four sections, so you should have eight braids. So now we’re just gonna make the flowers. You wanna roll toward the edge that you did not pancake. Start rolling them at the bottom, and then just roll them up toward her face. And then you’re just gonna pin it down right on top of that section, with some bobby pins. And just continue this all the way around with all eight braids. (gentle, rhythmic music) Thanks guys for watching. We hope you like this Flower Crown. We love it. I think it’d be so perfect for a flower girl hairstyle, or even a bride. So please be sure, if you haven’t already comment, Hairstyles, button right here. There’s more of our posts if you wanna click this link here. And down here is more Hairstyles posts. Thank you so much for watching, and we’ll see you next time, bye!.

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