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Whittling while you waist”

The corset has made its comeback as Hollywood’s secret weapon for quick weight loss. In 2013, Jessica Alba revealed that double corsets helped shed extra post-pregnancy weight. The ever-curvaceous Kardashians are regularly seen sporting their own tight bodices everywhere from casual strolls to heavy gym workouts.

Alternatively referred to as waist trainers,‚ these modern-day corsets are designed to be worn for a number ofhours every day until the wearer’s mid-section essentially conforms to its hourglass shape. It also supposedly reduces the one’s appetite by compressing the size of her stomach.

Rave reviews from celebrities and fitness buffs convinced HR officer, Jill*, 23, to give corsetry a try. The effects were immediately evident, she shares: I wasn’t sure if I was hungry or not. So I ate the usual meals but made sure to decrease portions.‚ Though the experience didn’t end well. At the end of the day, I took it off only to feel that all of the food I had eaten was actually ‹“stuck’ at the upper part of my stomach. So all the food rushed to my stomach. I vomited a few times a few minutes after.‚ General medical opinion holds that long-term use of corsets can pose serious damage to our health, particularly by bruising internal organs and restricting breathing. Further, it can affect your posture. Asian Hospital’s Bajacan explains: Corsets worn tightly for an extended amount of time deactivates core muscles, causing poor muscle tone and weakness. So when the corset is removed, the lumbar spine is predisposed to injury.‚ Proponents of the trend point out that modern corsets are easier on the woman’s physique. The structure of the bodice allows the wearer to control its effect on her body, while more flexible materials (spandex, latex) are easier on the body.

You can adjust them slowly and you won’t be able to fit in it if it’s not your size yet,‚ notes Carla of SlimmingCorsets.PH. The key is to start slowly till you get a hang of it,‚ she adds.

At the end of the day, ifyou’re considering any of these trends, use this information to integrate them into your fashion repertoire safely.

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