Forward Twistback into Bun Updos Hairstyles

Hello everyone. Welcome to another Sunday morning doing hair. So the hairstyle this morning we’re going to do is called forward twistback into a bun. It’s a really great hairstyle. It’s good for teens, tweens I think even adult women can wear to the office prom hairstyle. You could maybe even pull it off for a wedding if you did it really fancy. So here we go. We are going to start I’ve already started by parting a middle section on the top of her head, just kind of a square section of hair, and I’m going to have her hang onto this for me for a second. Keep it out of the way. And with the rest of the hair, I choose to wet it down simply to keep flyaways under control. You don’t have to wet it down.

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You can do it dry. I’m going to just comb it back into a ponytail. Standard ponytail. When you’ve got it so that it’s nice, secure it with a rubber band. Now I’m going to brush out the ends so they’re nice and smooth, and twist it, and I’m going to wrap it around the ponytail to form a nice bun. And then, I choose to use a rubber band. You can use bobby pins. For me, since she’s younger, I think that it’s just easier to help hold it in with a rubber band. So now you have a nice bun. With the front part of the hair I’m going to brush this out again and I’m going to comb it to the left side of her head. You can do wither way, but I’m going to choose to go to left. Just water again.

Just kind of have these flyaways combed under control. OK, now I’m just going to pick up a section of hair and begin to twist it, and kind of twist in the other hair as I go. Just loose, not too tight, until I have all the hair in the twist. I don’t like the way that one’s looking so I’m going to do it again. That’s better. And twist it all the way down till you have it all twisted. Now I’m going to take it and wrap it up above the bun, and cross it over, and then wrap it back down under the bun, and then I’m going to secure it with another elastic to hold that end in as well. OK, and there you go. We looked on a website the other day you can add a little hairspray and it said that for the in hairstyle is twists, so the good thing is we have lots of twists on our hair posts. And there you go. You have this fun twist with a little bit of an accent twist over the top.

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