Four Strand Ribbon Wreath Braid Hairstyle

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Four Strand Ribbon Wreath Braid Hairstyle Photo Gallery

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And we thank you. So much for subscribing. And supporting our blog since it’s the Christmas season we’re gonna show you how to do five Christmas themed hairstyles throughout the rest of this month leading up to Christmas Eve today we’re going to be showing you guys how to do a four string ribbon braid Christmas wreath.

So let’s get started you’re gonna want to section her hair right here in the middle of her crown area all the way down to the other side behind her ear okay you’re gonna do the same thing on the other side, I’m just gonna leave this down the next thing you want to do is get like a yard of green ribbon or whatever color you like you said you’re gonna tie this ribbon right around the strand of hair tight. So now you have this ribbon. And this strand, I’m gonna go ahead.

And pick up another piece of hair. And, I’m going to divide this hair into two. So now you have four strands right here, I’m gonna put this ribbon right here.

I’m going to call this one two three. And four, I’m going to take number one. And go over number two they may go under number three the ribbon then over number four.

And then the rhythm will go back under number three. And it will now be back into its place see like the strand strand ribbon strength okay again number one goes over number two goes under number three the ribbon before this goes under you’re gonna grab a piece of hair now you’re gonna go ahead. And go over that strand now this ribbon right here is gonna go back under its position see that right there now you have the strand strand ribbon strand it’s back in its position okay we’re gonna do it again number one over number two under number three the ribbon before this goes over number four you want to grab a section now this will go over number four.

And then the ribbon will go back under to number three in its position okay that’s all there is to it one more time one goes over to goes under number three the ribbon grab a section now it goes back under now the ribbon will go back under. And this place cane all you want to do is just go all the way around this year this line here that you section off from one side to the other to the air you’re gonna use that as your guide to go around to make the circle okay. So if you if you need to go ahead.

And put a clip to hold it in place. So that it’s not any in the way. And go ahead.

And do that now, I’m here at this side by her ear, I let this her hair at the back go. So that, I can add more hair into this braid. So now, I’m just gonna go ahead.

And wrap it around. And pin it in place just not go ahead. And just tuck it right in now that you have your braids in place, I’m just gonna decorate it by putting a bow right here at the end.

And some leaves you you know whis coming down. And there you have it final spit thank you. So much for reading we hope you find value in this tutorial if there’s a style that you would like us to recreate leave a comment down below don’t forget to notice thumbs up.

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And teach each other’s bye guys bye.

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