French Braid Hairstyle Rope Twist Combo

Hi everyone today’s tutorial will be doing the French braid rope twist combo let’s get started okay. I did start off with your hair being wet.

French Braid Hairstyle Rope Twist Combo Photo Gallery

And I suction the top up here Oh crazy okay. And I split them in three equal parts. And I start by doing a French braid taking this place right here taking a slice out put it to the side.

And join take enough side over here. And join it with this your normal French braid again, I’ll do the same thing slice it. And adding this slice over here your slice on the side.

And adding smooth emphasized you do the same thing on the side slice. And and us at a peace smooth. And we’re just going to braid it in taking a slice this is what you’ll do all the way down now then you see, I have no more to add to the sides.

I’ll just continue to just pull them apart. And the whole slices take it off for the classic pan okay. So now that you’ve got all these little pieces here you’re going to take the top part the person.

And we’ll take these two. And you’re going to then turn it this way turn it this way. And go go that way turn turn turn then you’re going to add this piece to it you’re going to add half of that to it okay, I’m going to turn it.

And add this one. And add half of this strand with this one can you turn grab this strand the other half you add it with this one. And you turn.

And then you’ll just go all the way down. And you’re going to use all these strands up now, I’m at the Naples ahead. So because, I have the rest of these a little bit thinner, I’m just going to not split them just join them in with just one strand.

And twist now then, I got this side done, I’m going to start with this side again, I start from here this side cuz this side, I went. And pulled it this way, I twisted it this way but, I turned it this way this time, I’m going to turn it this way. And twist this way.

So twisting it. And turn it this way turn turn it take this slice the strand. And slice it in half add add it.

And turn it add twist turn add twist. And turn add this twist it. And turn you’ll be doing that all this rate down until the egg, I’m going to take the whole thing rather last plan put them together tight tie it all three together then you just fit your braid.

And rope braid yeah french-braid rope twist thank you. So much for reading this tutorial if you enjoyed this post please give a thumbs up. And comment to the link below we’ll see you next week.

And have a good day bye guys hi.

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