French Knotted Braid Hairstyles

Good morning on this cold, wintry day. It’s so rainy and cold outside. We are going to do a hairdo this morning. I know you’re going to love it. I know you’re going to tell everyone you know about it. It’s so awesome. Totally different. Probably nothing you’ve ever seen before. It’s really fun. But a fan of mine sent it to me from Moldova. And I had a hard time even finding Moldova on the map, but now I know where it is. It’s kind of fun to know you have fans all over the world sending in hairdo ideas and things for you to try. So I’m starting on damp hair this morning. She’s a kid and her hair stays better if it’s damp stays into the braid tighter. If you’re an adult or if you want to use this hairdo for prom or homecoming, which I think would be so fun, then you’re probably going to want to do it on dry hair. It gives it a little more adult look. So you’re going to start by just taking a section right off the crown. Can you tip your head back a little, babe? Just take a section.

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Try to make sure it’s even. Yeah. Divide it into two pieces. Tip back just a little again. Thanks. And you’re going to just start by tying a knot. We’re calling this the knotted braid pull it down because you’re using a series of knots to create a braid. OK. So you have two pieces, not three, like a normal braid just two left and right. We’re going to go to the left side and pick up hair and add it into that left piece. OK. Now, this is the only tricky part. And once you master this, this braid will take you no time at all. You’re going to take this left piece that you just added hair into, and it’s going to go over the top. So can you see how I’m holding in one hand, but now it’s crossed over the top? When it’s like this, there’s a hole. Take your pinchers. Put them up through the hole. Now cross that hair and reach for that underneath piece and pull it through. This looks trickier than it really is. You’re going to tuck that tight against the head. And you’ve just created your first little knot. OK? I’ll show you again. Add hair into the right side this time. Now remember, the piece that you add the hair into is always going to go over the top. So it’s going to cross over. But you kind of have to open it back up a little bit just to get your fingers in. So fingers through, cross, and pull for that bottom piece. Pull it through. OK? And then just tighten it down against the head. Now, if the hair starts getting snarly, you can comb it out a little.

OK. Again. Adding into the left side. It’s going to go across the top. But put your pinchers through the hole, cross them, reach for that bottom piece of hair, pull through. OK. Right side. Add the hair in. Pinchers through, cross them, bottom piece, tug it through. You don’t have to pull hard to pull it through. The hair will slide through. Now you can see this piece right here is just coming straight through. So if I were to hang onto this, you can slide the hair up and down on this. This is where you get the knot from, crossing that hair over the top. OK. Left side again. Cross it over, fingers through, pull it through. Go to the other side. Now I’m going kind of slow, just so you can see what my fingers are doing as I’m going on the post. But normally, this is pretty quick. Pull it, through, add hair on the left side. Add hair on the right side. You’re going to continue this all the way down. Now, you can see how this is a little bit loose right there. So if you just hang onto this hair, you can slide the braid down tighter onto the head. Left side fingers through, flip it, pull it through. Can you tip your head down just a little, babe? That way this time to the right. Pull it through. I think it’s tricky only because it’s kind of different fingering than your fingers aren’t used to do. So once you learn it, it’s easy, but it takes a little while. OK. This will be our last piece on the left. Pull it through. And last piece on the right. Pull it through. Now here, at this point, you have several options. You can flat iron this last little piece so that it’s straight and pretty if you are doing it more of an adult version. You can just rubber band it and leave it down. You can do whatever you want. I am going to just rubber band it. And then I’ll just flip this little end up, just for an added little kid pizazz today for church. And there you have it. And you just take some hairspray, smooth the little fly-aways. OK. Show them. And there you go the knotted braid.

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