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Hey guys, I’m Annie from Annies Forget me Knots. I’m here with Hairstyles again to show you guys how to get this really pretty French lace braid updo. So, I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Make sure to comment below to Hairstyles if you have not already. You can find me at Annies Forget Me Knots. I’ll leave the link in the description box below so that you can find it, and let’s get started. Start by taking a little section, just about an inch or two behind your bangs. And I’m gonna split it into three and start doing a French braid. So, you’ll be adding pieces to the outside strands, crossing them over the middle strand. As I’m doing the French braid, I’m going to do about three stitches down and then stop adding hair to the back side and just cross it over without adding in hair. Add hair to the front section, cross it over the middle, cross the back over without adding in hair. As you keep adding hair into just the front, you’re kind of going to be pulling those pieces down into the braid.

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Because you want them to hanging when you pull this braid apart. And you’ll see what I mean in just minute. So you’re just going to be pulling those pieces down that you’re adding into the front. Crossing the back over without adding in hair, and then continue braiding all the way down. Tie it with an elastic band. Now you’re going to pull apart the very outer edges of the back side of the braid. And here’s what I mean about the hanging pieces. Now, you’re going to do the exact same thing on the opposite side. Once you have your two braids, you’re gonna take the remaining hair in back, put it into a low ponytail. I’m just gonna pull apart the top so I have more volume.

And tie another elastic at the bottom of the ponytail. Roll it up and bobby pin it to your head using a few bobby pins on each side. And just pull apart the bun so you have some more volume and to make it bigger. Now you’ll take those lace braids and cross them over the bun and just bobby pin them in place. Now, I’m gonna tuck the ends inside the bun. If you have longer hair, you’ll just do the same thing. Tuck the ends inside the bun and that will make your bun look even bigger. I also like to flip my bangs up and hairspray them so I get them out of my eyes. And here is your finished look. If you guys enjoyed this post make sure to come over and comment to my blog. My blog name is Annies Forget Me Knots, and I’ll leave the link in the description box below. If you wanna see the post I did a couple of week ago, be sure to click the information box here, and we’ll see you in a couple of weeks with a new tutorial. Bye!.

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