French Side Ponytail Hairstyles

Today we are going to do another take of the French braid across the top of the forehead that’s so popular. And I saw this version on a little girl the other day and thought it was really cute. But I think it’s a really good tween version so we’re going to call it the tween French braid into a pony. So I’ve just started by parting her hair pretty far over onto the left side, which is where I part their hair all the time, but you can do it on the right too. Then I’m going to just make a part down the front of the hair I’m going to braid. Pull the rest back into a pony tail just to hold it out of the way for now. Can you turn your head this way? So I like their hair wet down just because I think it holds a little better, but I know that the tween look now is a little more loose and not as wet down. So you’re just going to start a normal French braid. And she’s got bangs now so I’m going to have to braid her bangs in. This is just a standard French braid, nothing tricky.

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And if you want a more detailed French braid pick up smaller pieces of hair so that you have to braid more times. Excuse me. I’m just going to pick up hair all the way down. OK, now I’m going to finish off the braid today, take it all the way down. Now normally this is where you’d pull it back and hide it under the hair or clip it right here. This is where it’s a little bit different than normal. Finish the braid all the way down the length of the hair. Can you hold that, babe? OK, now I’m just going to gather all of her hair off to one side. Lightly spritz it just to keep those fly aways down. Now I’m going to join the hair up with the braid. Pull it down and to the side. Turn a little bit. And just do a really soft pony tail on the side with the hair coming straight down into it. And then I’m going to use this girl named Jessica sent me these little bands. They’re called Twistbands. You can find them at Here’s a picture she sent me. And they’re kind of like hair accessories, hair bands, hair elastics all combined into one. Here are some other pictures of things you can do with them. They’re kind of fun. And because this one matches her outfit I’m actually going to use this one today in place of an elastic. So I’m just going to twist it around. It just adds a little color, a little pop to her ponytail. That’s kind of fun. And then Baily, like I said, has bangs so I’m going to just straighten out that little side of bangs on her. And we’re good.

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