French Style Illusion Braid Hairstyle

Hi, I’m Sarah. And this is my daughter Grace everyone know we’re from under teacher styles. And today, I’m going to show you a Selleck just thought up.

French Style Illusion Braid Hairstyle Photo Gallery

And I call the French style illusion ring. So let’s get started okay. I have her hair totally wet.

And, I’m going to start on the top of her little head here. And, I’m going to just make like a nice clean shape here. I’m going to do is going to start out by putting just doing three strands separating into three strands.

I’m going to start out by doing a stitch. And this time when you’re going to add that strand what you’re going to do is take this from this part here let’s start use your finger you can use your rat tail comb but you’re going to take the point from here. And you’re going to click that you’re going to go this way towards your face about an inch inch.

And a half. And then you go right back. So here not already sorry here can come right back by sweeping up a little bit of hair but that’s in middle.

And, I’ll give you this look nice treat okay. I’m going to do the same thing. I believe from this side, I’m going to start from the middle right here in the middle four braids.

And go towards your face about an inch. And a half. And then go right back by picking up a little bit of that hair.

And connecting it with this strand here. So that you’ll have that kind of it okay again you’re going to do it on this side by scooping up a little bit. And adding it to that strand same over here you middle towards her face.

And then scooping up a little bit. And adding it to this strand here. And this is all repeated all the way down now that you’re at the bottom of the hair you can do a lot of different ways to do it you could tie it off.

And connect it here. And just put a last band right here or you can feather braid this by taking each of this side of the strand. And taking slices out hmm which this is what, I’m going to do, I’m just going to stop right here.

And, I’m going to finish it off with the braid just going to secure temporarily ok. So now you’ll have the tail part of the middle braid looking like this okay now we’ll be working on the side, I’m going to start on this side first ok ok. I’m going to take this side.

And take it from the ear. And from this point right here now to the year, I’m going to smooth this out. And, I’m going to separate these in three equal strands, I’m going to start off by doing a stitch of the braid.

And then, I’m gonna grab piece right here a slice of it. And, I’m going to take this this place right here where it meets right here on it separates. And makes that little V, I’m going to take this one.

And bring it here, I’m going to continue take a little bit at a time on the side. And then add this part right here. So there’s separation from this sections of this section is section each separation is going to be added to that plate on this side.

And on this side here is just going to add a little bit here’s another section take that bring it towards this strand. And it’s just like French braiding. So you’re just adding just this little piece right here that’s separating from the side that’s a nice that illusion look to this brain which i think is.

So cool. And you just continue all the way to the end at the bottom. So now that, I’m all done gathering my ends or gathering my sections here, I’m going to take the pieces that I’ve already taken out.

And incorporate it with these strands here just going to connect it to this side. And just do a regular braid as you’re doing this. So make sure that you’re close try to get as close to them to this braid as possible say.

So so that is connecting if it was my last strand. I’m just going to finish it off by going all the way down, I’m going to tie this off temporarily, I just did the middle then, I’m going to finish off the other side okay. So now, I’m going to do the same thing on this side that, I did on this side.

I’m at the end now, I’m going to connect these strands last rang make sure that there are connected. And when there when they are connected make sure that they are tight right next to this one here because or you can leave it loose, I actually like it better close together because it kind of gives you that nice illusion of a big six strand strand or whatever. And someone connect this all together wanna connect all of this together right here you can take these out you you do the braids without you can fix this now you can do it this way like, I did or you could take it.

And you could grab it from here. And then take your last band. And connect it from here.

And do what you like with the rest of tip kind of thought it was pretty cool how this turned out so. And, I’m just going to leave it this way, I’m going to cover this black van with one of my favorite accessories bow-bow hairspray just to keep it in place does it dry hey now you have we hope you enjoyed this post. And if you do please give us a thumbs up.

And comment to that link below down there you want to see our latest tutorial click on me we’ll see you next time bye guys.

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