French Twist Half Updo for Short hair

With our last post of February, and today we’re going to learn how to do a pinch twist on short hair, I’ll also doing this French twist inspired half updo just in case a French twist isn’t quite your thing the is actually a lot easier than you’d expect it to be, and totally doable. So let’s go ahead, and get into it first of all you’re going to bump the top you can tease if you need to with her. I didn’t really need to. I just kind of gathered the hair from the crown together, and then. I twisted it in the direction that. I wanted the French twist to go once. I got that twist in place. I went ahead, and pushed up until. I had the desired amount of volume, and then you just pin in place to hold it there next we’re going to work with the side that the twist isn’t on. So you take all the hair that you don’t want to twist on, and pull it right to the middle of the head, and you’re going to bobby pin it right there that way we get that out of the way really nicely, and easily, and this little line of bobby pins is great to pin into. So that you can crisscross your pins, and make a really secure style now with the hair from the left we’re going to create the twist.

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So basically all you do is take it, and arrange it in kind of this curved fashion just like you would see, and a French twist you want to make sure that this top one covers up any bobby pins that you have that’s the only really important thing there, and then you just pin it in place, and then you continue doing that taking like one to two inch sections curving them around the hair that you have right there, and pinning it in place, and continue to do that until you have all the hair from above your ear wrapped around in that twist like fashion then for the remaining hair you can see we have the hair left over from the bump, and from the hair that we’ve twisted in you want to separate that out, and leave the hair from the nape for the last section with the hair that we have left over from the hair that we’ve already wrapped you want to go ahead, and twist it, and create a tiny little bun if you have enough hair, and then just pin that against the head that way we get it nicely out of the way, and it won’t be poking out from the bottom of the French twist then take the remaining hair from the nape, and arrange it over the little bun form it into place, and pin it where you need it then if you have any little hairs that are sticking out just use a bobby pin to go ahead, and pin it right up, and into the twist. So that you can’t see it then you can arrange it if you need to, and pull some pieces apart. So that you don’t see any gaps between each of the sections we took back, and then if you have side bangs what.

I did with her is was to sweep them back with one hand, and then use the hairspray to kind of spray, and hold it back in place. So they’re kind of swept back but they don’t have to be pinned that way they’re just staying out of your face, and flowing nicely with the rest of the style, and that is it for your French twist like. I said it’s really not all that hard it’s going to take a couple minutes but it’s not impossible with short hair now on to our much quicker French twist inspired half updo the is much faster you’re just going to bump the crown as we did before by gathering the hair together, and giving it a little twist pushing it up, and then pinning it into place then take a section of hair from the twisting side, and wrap it around the hair that we have from the bump then pin it in place just underneath the hair that we have from the bump. So that the pin is nicely hidden, and then just arrange the hair that’s remaining into the shape that you like it then if you have side bangs what you can do is go ahead, and arrange those back, and if you want to you can pin them in place, and kind of hide that pin right underneath the section that we’ve already pulled back that’s up to you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to but that’s it for a little perch just inspired half updo like. I said it’s a little bit quicker, and it’s still very pretty. So I hope you guys have enjoyed this. I hope you guys have enjoyed fib you hairy. I will miss seeing you guys every single day would definitely make sure to check back for my next post and, I’ll see you then bye.

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