Fried Bean Curd Vegetable Sandwich


2 oz. Minced bean curd

2 oz. Minced shrimp 1 tsp. Sherry.

1 tsp.

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Each minced ginger and scallion Sichuan pepper powder and salt to taste 1 tbsp. Sesame oil I1/2 oz. Cornstarch.

3 egg whites.

A pinch of minced ham.

5 oz. Chinese cabbage leaves.

1 tbsp. Flour.

1 cup vegetable oil.

1 tbsp. Sichuan pepper roasted with salt To Prepare:

1. Mix thoroughly the bean curd, shrimp, sherry, ginger, scallion, Sichuan pepper powder, salt, sesame oil, cornstarch (1 tbsp. ), egg whites, and ham.

2. Cut off the cabbage leaves- Cut cabbage stem into slices. Make slits on each slice and sandwich the mixture in between them. Cover with flour and dip in egg white paste. Fry over a medium flame until they turn golden yellow. Place on a platter and sprinkle with Sichuan pepper powder roasted v/ith salt. Serve.

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