Frozen Elsas Braid Hair Tutorial

Let it go let it go can’t hold it back anymore let it go hi how are you doing today I’m going to show you this beautiful French braid from the animation post frozen worn by one of the sisters her name is Elsa the funny story about this tutorial before, I actually go into the tutorial is that, I was on a flight to LA, I was going to see Lela and, I heard about frozen many many times of course there’s been like.

So many different tutorials on and the song let it go let it go let it go and. So many other things, I was like what’s the big deal like honestly why are they hyping up this cartoon. So much and you know it’s a long flight.

So, I was bored I’m like I’m gonna watch it you know. I’ve heard. So much fun, I might as well watch it and the funny thing is that I’m actually alone and all my way to see my sister.

So it was like the timing was just. So perfect and, I watched it and, I think it was such a beautiful beautiful animation post and it was. So deep it’s.

Frozen Elsas Braid Hair Tutorial Photo Gallery

So connected to the relationship of sisters especially mine and Leila’s, I felt like it was about us and, I was Anna and Lalo’s Elsa it was like oh my god I’m gonna come to you now but the funny thing is that you know through our relationships like we’ll have arguments that we won’t see the same point of view at some times but then through any experience and argument somehow we both learned somewhat just like the girls in the animation post, I absolutely loved it, I think, I would definitely recommend it for anyone especially sisters because you could relate to the story. So much and of course the biggest message of the story is that unconditional love, I absolutely love how it ended I’m not gonna spoil it for you but the ending was just like mind-blowing, I have. So loved it okay.

Frozen Elsas Braid Hair Tutorial Photo Gallery

So now, I don’t talk about frozen but, I guess, I wanted to talk about it before, I actually go into the hair stuff the hairstyle is super easy and beautiful it’s definitely wearable for everyday work school fun and playful date all it is it’s a beautiful French braid it’s kind of like big here in the front and then it goes in the back and then it ends up again in the front all right. So let’s begin I’m gonna start with what you’re gonna need for this hairstyle I’m wearing my lucky hair extensions I’m wearing the Umbra chestnut set the reason, I have added the extensions of course is because Elsa has beautiful moment fake hair. So you know, I need the extensions for that effect also we’re gonna need a teasing brush a regular brush hair elastic and some hairspray.

So I’m gonna start out with just teasing the hair at the top of my crown and all I’m gonna do I’m gonna take the brush and I’m just gonna brush it backwards first. So I’m gonna take the hair here and just brush everything backwards first then I’m gonna lift this hair and because I’m wearing extensions, I always have to be careful but I’m not gonna be teasing my extensions because, I would ruin them and cause you know fall out. So I’m just making sure it’s my hair then I’m gonna grab hairspray just spray it in my hair grab my teasing brush and I’m gonna just start going up and down.

So, I just want to create a bit of volume I’m not gonna go for really dramatic Elsa you know poof just gonna make it more wearable and everyday but still keep the magic of the hairstyle. So just gonna tease it and then, I might do a little bit from the sides as well again this step is optional if you don’t want to tease your hair you can just skip it but, I think it does add a really nice effect and then I’m gonna do my left side as well just just grab a section again I’m not too careful about what section just around this whole area spray it and then just tease it alright. So what I’m gonna do next is I’m gonna just take the same brush and I’m gonna lightly brush over my tease as you can see it’s a very soft tease it’s not too big or poofy.

So it’s very nice and natural alright. So the next step I’m going to turn around and show you how I’ll do the French braid okay. So the first thing I’m going to do is I’m gonna grab a section of hair here at the crown and I’m gonna split it in three equal sections and I’m gonna start this French braid of course with a regular three strand braid first.

So I’ll do a three strand braid and then I’m going to start fridge French braiding. So if you’re not sure how to French braid I’m going to quickly explain the process it’s super easy. So you’re working with three sections you’re working with three equal sections and then you’re adding hair from the left to the left section then you cross it over the middle section and then you go to the right section add section of hair from the right and then you cross it over the middle and then you continue doing the exact same thing all the way down and I’m going to show you what, I mean right now.

So I’m just going to grab a section of hair from the right add it cross it over and then do the exact same thing sorry that was my left I’m going to do the same thing on my right section cross it over the middle and then just work my way down grabbing the sections from the outside. So just like that add a section cross it over the middle add a section and cross it over the middle and you can work with really big sections because for this look you want it to look kind of big and messy that’s kind of white how she had it. So that’s the look I’m going for as well.

So I’m just taking big sections adding it to the right crossing it over the middle section and doing the exact same thing on the left side once, I get to the bottom I’m going to come to the front and show you how I’ll finish this braid I’m just going to add this last section to the left and have only three strands in my hands and then I’ll just finish it up in the front okay. So now that, I have these three strands I’m just gonna finish it in a regular braid braiding sort of knot over the middle section but under the middle sections sort of like a Dutch braid would be then when, I get to the bottom of the braid I’m just gonna secure it with an elastic alright. So now we’re gonna style those braids.

So the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go back to my tease that I’m just gonna increase the volume just a tiny bit. So I’m gonna take the bottom of my of my brush and I’m just gonna use it to lift the hair at the roots and I’m just slowly inserting this thing the poofer that’s what, I call it and just increasing the volume just by pulling the hair and then, I mean you can brush it out if it’s too much but, I think I’m pretty happy with this kind of volume then I’m going to go in the back I’m gonna turn around and show you what I’m doing but, I all I’m gonna do is just pull out sections from the bag just to loosen up the braid a little bit because we wanted to look more more relaxed I’m just gonna take sections the cold never bothered me anyway now that. I’ve loosened the back I’m gonna do the exact same thing in the front.

So I’m just grabbing on the sections slowly and carefully pulling them out just to make this braid look bigger and more voluntas. So just take your time when you do this because if you do it really quickly then layers start you know falling out and you just want to take your time and and if a layer does come out it’s not a big deal all right IBM pretty happy now. So this is the finished result I’ll show you the back again I’m gonna turn around.

So it’s really beautiful how it goes you know from that to that in the back and then again you can wear it in the back or you can bring the braid to the front and just have it on the side like, I do right now all right. So that’s the finish elsa braid i absolutely love it i think it’s perfect for the summer you know when it’s hot and humid you want to wear your hair long but you want to wear it in the braid it’s beautiful in the back and it’s also beautiful in the front which is perfect. So let me know how you like this hairstyle down below leave me a comment make sure to like this post if you enjoyed it also let me know there’s another hairstyle in the frozen that is really nice updo sort of like like twist it around and then kind of ends up here in a bun let me know if you’d like me to recreate it as well I’d be happy to do.

So also when you do recreate this hairstyle which, I know you will make sure to post it on your Instagram relax a hair hashtag, I absolutely love checking out your recreations. So make sure to do that and my favorites are always featured on our e here Instagram thank you. So much for reading, I love you guys.

So much you are all my sisters as well. So setting you-let’s alone and i’ll see you next week ciao let go me.

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