Fruit Loaf Recipe

Fruit Loaf Recipe

Cooking Time: 45 minutes You will need:

12 oz. self-raising flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

2 oz. sugar

4 oz. dried fruit

1 tablespoon syrup

1 tablespoon biack treacle

1 pint and 4 tablespoons milk

1 Sieve the dry ingredients together in a bowl.

2 Add the dried fruit.

3 Melt the syrup and treacle in the milk and stir into the dry ingredients.

4 Pour into a greased 1-lb. loaf tin and bake in a moderate oven (350‚°F – Gas Mark 4).

5 Serve sliced, spread with butter.

Recipes for reference

3 oz. chopped candied peel 2 oz. chopped crystallized ginger 8 oz. treacle 1 pint milk

6 tablespoons corn oil 1 beaten egg Gingerbread Cooking Time: about 11 hours You will need: 10 oz. plain flour 2 oz. cornflour

1 level teaspoon bicarbonate soda

1 level teaspoon mixed spice

2 level teaspoons ground ginger

4 oz. soft brown sugar

Prepare a 10 x 7 X 2-in. tin, greasing lightly. Sift flour, cornflour, bicarbonate soda and spices together into a mixing bowl.

Stir in the sugar, peel and crystallized ginger. Warm treacle, add milk, oil and egg.

Pour all at once into the sifted dry ingredients and beat well together.

Pour into the prepared tin and bake about 11 hours in a moderate oven (350‚°F – Gas Mark 4).

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