Garlic Chickpeas

Time: 45 mins Number of servings: 4 Point value per serving: 6


One cup chickpeas Two bay leaves Four garlic cloves Four cups water Salt to taste


Rinse chickpeas and put it in your Instant Pot. Then add salt, garlic, bay leaves, and water in a pot.

Seal pot with lid and select Bean/Chili function for thirty-five minutes.

Allow releasing pressure naturally.

Serve chickpeas with steamed rice and enjoy!

Pumpkin Porridge

Time: 20 mins Number of servings: 2 Point value per serving: 7


Half middle-size pumpkin, pureed

Half cup almond milk

One cup quick oats

One and a half cup water

One tbsp brown sugar

One tsp pumpkin pie spice


Put all ingredients in your Instant Pot and mix well.

Seal pot with lid and select Manual to cook on high pressure for three minutes.

Allow release pressure naturally.

Open lid carefully, stir well, and serve warm.

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