Garlic Chickpeas

Time: 45 mins Number of servings: 4 Point value per serving: 6


One cup chickpeas Two bay leaves Four garlic cloves Four cups water Salt to taste


• Rinse chickpeas and put it in your Instant Pot. Then add salt, garlic, bay leaves, and water in a pot.

• Seal pot with lid and select “Bean/Chili” function for thirty-five minutes.

• Allow releasing pressure naturally.

• Serve chickpeas with steamed rice and enjoy!

Pumpkin Porridge

Time: 20 mins Number of servings: 2 Point value per serving: 7


Half middle-size pumpkin, pureed

Half cup almond milk

One cup quick oats

One and a half cup water

One tbsp brown sugar

One tsp pumpkin pie spice


• Put all ingredients in your Instant Pot and mix well.

• Seal pot with lid and select “Manual” to cook on high pressure for three minutes.

• Allow release pressure naturally.

• Open lid carefully, stir well, and serve warm.

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