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RCA Records Label Nashville

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The top man of country returns with his first album in 13 years and brings it!

The opening song and title track to this record is little more than outstanding. It has a wonderful storyline that is musically enhanced and this artist rises to the occasion in all his glory. I don’t know what I expected – I wasn’t a fan of Garth back in his hey day, but he’s most definitely arrived with the ammunition to get there once again with this record.

As I said the title track is epic – it’s a musical exploration of a man spending his life working for the machine and the struggle between enjoying his life and capturing every moment and working hard to pay the bills and keep his children happy. This is followed by a very different song She’s Tired Of Boys about a girl choosing a man who’s old enough to be her dad because she’s tired of boys. This song is lyrically wonderful – the way Garth Brooks writes and the song choices he makes is something that really makes his music stand out from the rest and with Trisha Yearwood singing harmonies on this song it’s a captivating track.

The album continues along this line of first class track, followed by first class track. Cold Like That, All-American Kid, Mom and Wrong About You all follow, none of which were written by Garth, but all incredible songs on the collection. Cold Like That stands out especially, wishing you were a person who could walk away from a relationship without feeling scarred. Rodeo and Juliet is a classic country tune, while upbeat and rodeo-influenced, this really isn’t my song of choice, while Midnight Train has me hooked again. If you’re a Garth fan, I’ve no doubt if you haven’t got it you’ll be getting it, but if you’re just intrigued please give it a try! Mainstream country it may be, but Garth has reinvented himself and he’s done it well! Laura Bethell

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