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Understand the difference between Fear versus Courage (Knee jerk reaction versus intelligent choice!)

We all have two distinct voices inside our brains (normally referred to as the limbic system (LS) and the prefrontal cortex PFC). One has a tendency to fill us with hope (PFS) and reminds us how wonderful our life is, and the other fills us with doubts (LS) and convinces us that nothing is worth the effort. Which voice do you want to win? Which voice do you really want to feed? The Limbic System’s ancient function was to help us survive. The more recently developed pre-frontal cortex permits us to think and plan. The two systems are closely linked. The more emotional our responses, the stronger the limbic influence. As we learn to think and plan ahead, the PFC cools down the limbic’s hot, knee-jerk responses and reduces our addictive tendencies.

Thinking, planning, pausing before over-reacting, breathing more deeply, working out the consequences – these behaviours favour the PFC’s ‹“executive function’ and encourage more reasoned and healthful choices. Learn to think. Learn to plan. Look ahead. Work out the consequences. Engage the power of the PFC. It’s what makes us human.

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