How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat The Fastest Way

Hummus always looks so healthy but it's made from a not so healthy legume, the garbanzo bean or chick pea. It seems tough, but hummus just got fired from the list.

Mayonnaise usually contains sugar. I know. It's everywhere.

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Even the healthy-sounding olive oil based mayo is largely made up from soybean oil so your best alternative is to make your own. It really is fast and easy. Organic eggs (one yolk) and extra virgin olive oil (one cup), a little apple cider vinegar( 2 teaspoons), a pinch of garlic powder and black pepper to taste…and you'll be amazed how great real mayo tastes.

Mustard is a great gift to many meals, adding some much-needed flavour to otherwise bland and tasteless dishes. Just be careful about the label. Some manufacturers add flavourings, sugar, colouring agents and wine. Pure and natural are your watchwords. Once again make your own with a seed grinder, one cup ground (semi) mustard seeds, two tablespoons olive oil, one tablespoon apple cider vinegar and stevia to taste.

Potatoes are a surprising candidate for healthy eating. All varieties get the stamp of approval. If you're conscious of the need to lose weight, be careful with the larger calorie-dense white varieties. You can eat them, of course, but you are much better off with the small red skinned potatoes and you need to eat them sparingly. Needless to say perhaps, but you need to avoid the commercially prepared, deep fried potato chips or French fries.

Protein shakes have become increasingly popular as the protein diet fashion has persuaded countless individuals to use a scoop of protein powder as a substitute for intelligent nutrition. But have you read the ingredients on the label? Protein shakes are full of the things you really need to avoid if you're planning on losing weight and getting seriously healthy. The only exception to the rule is our old friend hemp. Hemp protein powder can be a useful assistant in your health and well-being plan because your body works so well with this potent little seed.

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