How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Teenage Girl

Realise that when you make unhelpful eating selections you reinforce that voice that says you are helpless!

This is, of course, a very complex and fascinating area of neuro-scientific research but we now accept that these two deeply influential aspects of our brains play a major role in determining how we behave in many different situations and circumstances. Let's run with this behavioral theory, which is supported by thousands of studies, and see how it can help us.

The two voices inside your mind are your positive sense of courage and motivation to lose weight as opposed to your experience of a sense of helplessness that leads to the uncontrollable urge to eat. We all know that the overeating voice is usually the loudest and that it usually wins. Every time you overeat because you are feeling helpless, you reinforce your incorrect belief that you are helpless.

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You feed the wrong voice. Once you understand this it will get easier to resist the urges and temptations to binge.

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