How To Get Rid Stomach Fat After Pregnancy

Look back at your eating behavior honestly and recognise your automatic comfort response

No matter how hard you try to diet, no matter how sincere your promise to give up certain foods, you can’t stop the emotional compulsion of overeating for very long. When you do, you feel helpless, worried, empty or anxious. Feelings of depression, resentment, deprivation and boredom begin to creep in. If you remain unaware of how the underlying experience of helplessness is affecting you and how it automatically manifests as the uncontrollable urge to eat, there isn’t much you can do to change it.

Once you begin to recognise the fact that overeating has helped you to feel powerful in some way, you may be ready to understand that link between your long term inability to lose weight and your automatic comfort response to the stresses and challenges in your life.

As you become more aware of these old and potentially harmful patterns of thinking and feeling, you can consider alternative ways to express yourself and experience the freedom of making life-enhancing and healthy choices for yourself.

Once you feel able to fully support your real need to overeat, rejoice in your new power!

It’s only in that space that you can begin to renovate, reconstruct and change your emotional eating tendencies. Because it happens instantly, you are not even aware at this point that you have made an emotional decision. But you have, so our mission together is to automatically slow the decision making process by looking at the gap between the experience of helplessness and the automatic and rebellious urge to eat in great detail. This exciting and dynamic new area of your life will give you the opportunity to make powerfully different decisions which will be the springboard to move your life into a completely new direction. These are the essential mechanics of meaningful change and they apply to aspect of our lives.

Understand Why You have Failed in the Past and Why Your Life will now begin to Change!

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