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Magnesium – You might have seen some of the recent articles in health and fitness magazines promoting the advantages of magnesium supplements in the daily diet. The fact is that magnesium is a vital component in controlling your weight. Surprised? It's a fact. Magnesium switches on enzymes that control digestion.

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Magnesium allows insulin to permit glucose to pass into our cells, providing the essential fuel that powers our bodies. Without sufficient magnesium, the body experiences an increase in both glucose and insulin levels. Excess glucose is converted into fat. Get the picture? Magnesium is the answer!

B Vitamins – Play an essential role in enabling your body to access the energy that's stored in the food we consume. Evidence points to the fact that the B Vitamins are responsible for switching off the gene that is responsible for obesity. And B Vitamins are metabolised by – magnesium!

Vitamin D – The sunshine vitamin and an important contributor to health and well-being. Adding Vitamin D speeds up metabolic rate and encourages weight loss. If you live in a sunny environment, your daily dose of Vitamin D can be found on your doorstep in the form of natural sunshine. The alternative is to add Vitamin D supplements to your daily diet. Recent research points to the surprising fact that Vitamin D will help the body to target belly fat first in the return to normal, healthy weight.

Each of these essential chemicals has an extraordinary wide range of health benefits but, as part of your new weight control campaign, they really are essential contributors towards overall health and well-being. Make each of them a personal, vital source of support in your transformation.


‚ Being overweight is not natural.

‚ Your body prefers to be lean.

‚ Cut out grains.

‚ Eliminate dairy products.

‚ Eat natural, fresh, unprocessed food and watch the pounds drop off.

‚ Boost your programme with magnesium, the B Vitamins and Vitamin D

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