Gigi Hadid Inspired Messy Beach Waves Hairstyles

When, I saw you lose control as welcome back to hair blog my name is Elena and in today’s post, I am recreating GG and deeds iconic beachy textured waves we all know Gigi Hadid is a major babe but, I am obsessed with her hair and just how effortless it looks and just how iconic it is to her as a person.

So, I recreated this look and, I actually did recreate a makeup look that she recently wore on the red carpet a couple weeks ago over on my blog. So after you’re done reading this hairstyle then you can head over to my blog to check out this makeup look that, I recruited from her. So hopefully you guys enjoyed this post but if you want to see how, I got these gigi hadid inspired waves then just keep on reading.

So as we know it Gigi Hadid is known for her effortless waves and beachy looking hair. So I’m gonna use the B luxy hair seamless collection in the shade blonde balayage and, I think this is the perfect match just to give a little bit more of a blonde highlight through my hair. So I’m gonna start with the bottom section of my head and I’m just separating it from just below my ear and you guys know, I love to double up my extension.

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So I’m taking two of my three clip West and just clipping that at the bottom part and then taking my curling iron you can use a wand for this a straightener for this this kind of technique is really just an effortless looking wave you don’t want it to look too structured or like you spent too much time on it. So I’m just gonna take a little piece of hair about an inch thick and what, I like to do is start at the top and then rotate the curling wand and then take it out of that little curl and do the exact same thing a little bit lower. So let it stay for a little bit and then take it out of that curl and then just lightly curl the end and this just gives me a really soft wave it’s not too structured.

So I’m going to show you guys again taking an inch thick piece and starting near the top wrapping around the curling iron once and then I’m looping it. So this is just a really easy technique just to get a more you know, I woke up like this kind of look to your hair also if you guys are trying this hairstyle of on shorter hair instead of curling the little bottom section of hair under like I’m doing just leave it straight and it will still give a little bit of length to your hair instead of giving that little extra flip. So if you have medium to short hair length then that’s a good little tip is to always keep the bottom section of your hair a little bit straighter just.

So that you don’t lose the length in your hair now I’m not going to do anything with my hair I’m just gonna kind of let it set with the heat and now we’re gonna style it at the end and run our fingers through it and give it a really hustled effect but we’re just gonna put that behind now and we’re going to move on to the middle section of our hair now I’m taking two of my four clip weft I’m just going to place that right on top and this is really where you want a lot of thickness in your hair just. So then you can really play around with how big you want it. So just gonna clip that in and then bring it to the front now if you noticed with the bottom section, I did all of the curls away from my face.

So both sides were going away and with this middle section we’re gonna do all of the curls towards or faced and this is just gonna kind of mix up the variety of the curls. So it doesn’t look too uniform and it just has a really nice a factor to it. So starting with it front here and, I leave my baby hairs out just till the end we’re gonna do the same technique.

So instead of going frontwards we’re gonna put that behind roll towards your face let it sit a little bit unloop it and then roll it again and then I’m just gonna curl out once. So it’s gonna be curled or twisted towards our face cuz I’m going on, I need you to deal with my sorrow sugan brain. So now I’m moving on to the last section of our hair since, I do have bangs, I kind of want them camouflaged for this look.

So, I am taking my one clip wat and I’m just gonna part them basically right at my temples. So that they’re hidden and I’m just gonna pop them in pretty close to the start of my hairline and this is just gonna add some more thickness there just because my hair seems to thin out around my temples. So it’s just gonna make my hair appear a lot more full now for the rest of these sections it’s up to you if you want it toward your face or away from your face it’s just however you prefer but I’m just going to keep the rest of the curls that I’m doing away from my face when, I saw you Lord, I would lose control made me feel like beautiful the day’s passing now it’s alright now that all of our hair is twisty and curly we’re just gonna toss it up.

So it doesn’t look too uniform you can even take a brush and just lightly brush through it all you don’t want to fully brush up the curl but you want it to look a lot softer and not too kisi looking now there’s a bunch of different ways you can add a little bit more texture to your hair you can use a pomade if you want but I’m going to use a texturizing spray. So I’m just gonna kind of butterfly this in is to pick up a section of hair and then spray right in between and this is just gonna give a lot more fullness and more like you didn’t even do her hair you can see the difference between this side and this side it just gives a little bit more life and to it you could totally use hairspray if you want or another great way to get volume is whenever you wash your hair is to blow-dry it upside down this just kind of brings the follicle up and just keeps it a little bit more lifted but I’m happy with this fullness in my hair, I think it just looks wonderful and the luxy hair extensions just give me that added boost that my hair needs. So hopefully you guys liked my gigi hadid recreation for hair don’t forget to head over to my blog to check out this makeup that, I recruited that she just recently wore on the red carpet.

So that you guys get to see the entire hair and makeup look, I hope you guys enjoyed this post don’t forget to tag and hashtag luxy hair if you recreate this look we’d love to see your pictures, I hope everyone has a wonderful day and I’ll see you soon bye.

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