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Do you have a favourite scent, one that evokes memories of wonderful times? The power of the sense of smell to arouse an emotional reaction confirms its ability to have an immediate effect on our systems; in fact smell is probably the most underrated of the senses, yet it has the most subtle significance in our lives. But how does it work?

Aromatic plants contain essential oils that have been used for centuries to relax, sedate, refresh and even stimulate. Girl haircuts medium Each aromatic oil has its own individual combination of constituents, and they in turn can interact with your body’s chemistry to have specific therapeutic effects.

In the early years of the 20th century, the French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse was working in the laboratory of his family’s perfumery business when he badly burnt his hand and lower arm. He plunged his hand into theviearest liquid, which was a jar of Lavender oil and discovered that this very quickly eased his pain, prevented scarring and promoted rapid healing. Gattefosse then set about investigating the precise therapeutic properties of essential oils, discovering that they were often more effective than isolated or synthetic compounds. He used the term aromatherapy in 1928 to describe the use of aromatic oils for treating physical or emotional problems. In the following pages the art of aromatherapy is mainly used to combat and overcome stress. using oils If you have never quite understood the art of aromatherapy, and are afraid that it involves all kinds of strange pieces of equipment, then you could not be more wrong. It actually involves a collection of small, highly attractive bottles that can be quite a feature, and maybe even a candle burner. That is all that it takes to become an aficionado. Once hooked, you will certainly never look back, and those oils will start improving your health.

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