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Working along holistic principles, reflexology takes into account body, mind and spirit as they are all interrelated. Whatever happens to you will affect all levels of your being, whether you notice or not. If you feel under pressure or are stressed, the effect on your body will be detrimental, as your muscles remain tense and taut, constricting the circulation and nerves, and compromising their functioning. Similarly, if you have a physical mishap, your feelings will be affected by the degree of pain you experience, the way in which the accident happened, and the effect it has on you afterwards.

Although you are working mostly on the feet in reflexology, you are affecting the whole of the body, Girls haircuts for long hair with bangs both inside and out, through the treatment. This is achieved by working the reflexes to the internal organs and glands as well as to the surface of the body. It appears that you can have a rribre far-reaching effect by working the reflexes than by working directly on the corresponding body part. Such referral treatment, as it is sometimes called, is highly effective,

Pain in the back, for instance, may be due to the onset of structural problems in which the bones are actually out of place and misaligned, and should be checked by an osteopath, cranial osteopath or chiropractor If the pain results from muscular problems, or if manipulation has already been done but muscular strain remains, the next step is to identify the muscles involved and then begin work to relieve the situation with massage and reflexology. As a follow-up treatment it is highly effective.

Massage has an immediate and profoundly relieving effect, but the pain and discomfort is likely to recur when the effects of the massage have worn off. Benefits resulting from working the reflexes to the relevant area of the back will be more long term than those produced by working directly on the muscles themselves, This is because through the reflexes you are stimulating the body from within, rather than exercising and soothing the muscles from without. Stimulating the reflex to a troubled area will promote healing. Reflexology uses both massage and specific stimulation of the reflexes to gain lasting relief.

Through working the hands (or feet) you are working the whole body.

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