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Seen earlier this year in the Middle East, the interactive exhibit is a joint ejfort by several designfirms to make dreadful health check-ups a fun filled activity (

Remember how your paediatrician used to distract you with toys during examination? The Fitzania installation has a similar trick up its sleeve. A preventive medical check-up smartly disguised as an immersive game, recently seen at the 2015 Museum of Future Government Services in Dubai, it aims to make healthcare more accessible, personalised and even enjoyable. The goal was to find a solution to conduct regular fitness tests where citizens would be encouraged to return time and again. The whole “game” begins when you lift an unassuming ball from a pedestal.

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Step into the action area to complete a series of spatial alignment tasks projected on the screen. As you position the orb in 3D space by moving around, the sensors are busy analysing your biometrics for instantaneous diagnosis. When you're done with all the levels, you even receive a tailor-made prescription.

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