Glam Curls for Any Halloween Costume

Hey everyone Abbey here to show you how to do these curls that you can do with almost any costume whether you’re throwing one together at the last minute or your costume doesn’t really have a specific hairstyle the is for you there are really pretty curls that can match a whole lot of different things no matter what you’re doing. So let’s go ahead, and get started first you’re going to protect your hair with some heat protestant, and then go ahead, and create a side part split your hair in half, and then you’re going to go ahead, and take diagonal sections starting with your highest point at the back of the head, and the lowest point at the front now we’re going to curl this way wrapping your hair away from your face, and you can use a clip less curling iron or a normal curling iron depending on your preference once that’s done go ahead, and let the curl.

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Fall, and take another section my section is just a tiny bit wider than my iron, and that’s about what you want to do for this, and again continue doing that, and for these first two sections you’re going to go ahead, and let the curls fall that will make them a little bit looser but it will also help your hair to look longer once it’s curled. Because you went ahead, and let this fall rather than keeping them very tightly now you’re going to continue doing the same thing with your next section of hair except once you curl it you’re going to go ahead, and put it back up in its curled shape, and pin it in place to cool your curl actually forms whenever it’s cooling. So doing this actually creates a much more strong bouncy curl. So that the curls on top look really nice, and strong, and bouncy, and very movable, and pretty.

So you want to continue that until you’ve got all your hair incorporated, and then you’re going to do that on the other side again wrapping away from your face with diagonal sections the diagonal sections just help your hair to flow really nicely, and look really pretty once it’s all done once your curls are completely cool you can go ahead, and take the clips out or you could use bobby pins just make sure that you take them out, and then your ringlets are going to fall like this, and it looks a little. Shirley Temple easy. So go ahead, and flip your head over, and back down, and then kind of go through it with your fingers, and just make them look a little bit more natural if it gets frizzy use a shine spray or some kind of leave-in conditioner that works on dry hair just to kind of smooth down the Indian that you might have. So that’s it. I hope you guys like this and, I’ll see you tutorial.

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