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Hey girls Abbey here with day four of our back-to-school hairstyles now. I thought. I would be a Miss if. I didn’t do a curl pattern as one of my back-to-school hairstyles. So I decided to do this one as kind of a glamorous option if you want that for back-to-school also. I think you’ll be really pretty for picture day. Because you’ve got your hair all nice, and pretty, and curled, and the is a pretty flattering curl pattern for most face shapes, and hair types. So I thought it would be good to kind of throw out there as a general hairstyle for picture day hope you guys like this it is a little bit more work than the other ones, I’ve been doing but it really was only about curls on my head. So as long as you’re not you know taking forever to do each of those you can do it in under minutes for sure. So hopefully you guys like this, and try it out make sure to send me pictures or anything like that if you try it out, and leave me a comment in the down bar what kind of look are you going for when you go back to school are you going for glamorous are you going for understated are you going for easygoing are you going for it girl just tell me, I’ll curious um that’s it.

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I will see you guys on Wednesday with the last tutorial in this series. So be sure to check back for that alright that’s it maw we’re going to get my separating your hair from your ears up all the way around, and we’re going to begin by working on that bottom section of hair take a direct angular section that is longer than it is wide it’s about an inch wide probably, and curl it with your curling iron perpendicular to the floor. So it is directly parallel to the park, and once you’ve got that all curls what you’re going to do is to roll it back up. So that it is in a curl, and you can see that, I’ll rolling it up against my head as if it were in a roller then, I’ll going to pin it against my head. So that it cools in place, and when you do it like that it makes the curl last much longer throughout the day especially if you’re going to school you really want those curls to last now you’re going to continue doing those sections until you’ve got all the hair on that side of the hair incorporated make sure that you’re curling away from your face to get that nice voluminous kind of look, and then we’re going to switch on the other side, and go ahead, and curl away from the face in the same rectangular sections, I’ll using a three-quarter inch iron from this it’s a little bit small but that’s. Because throughout the day your curls will loosen up. So it’s good to go a quarter inch smaller than you actually need. So that your curls will stay nice throughout the day now let the top down, and we’re going to go in diagonal sections like. So start about an inch back from the hairline, and part back on a degree angle, and then go ahead, and come, and clip the rest of the hair out of the way, and then you’re going to go ahead, and curl again keeping that hair or the iron and, I’ll sorry parallel to your part. So that you’re getting that nice diagonal shape but that’s going to do is create a lot of volume on top. Because you’re kind of pulling the hair back, and sweeping it backwards. So it makes a nice up swept shape but then what it’s also doing is it’s keeping it from intertwining with the curls when you let it down. So it’s actually going to make the curls themselves look more voluminous even more than just the stuff on top.

So once you’ve got three curls done on that diagonal on this side we’re going to go ahead, and switch to the other side, and we’re going to do the exact same diagonal on the other side for me on that side it only took two however. So three on one side two on the other depending on how you part your hair. So like that, and then curling away now this might sound laborious you might be like why in the world are we doing all these crazy parts this seems like. So much more work than it needs to be the thing is with curls that the way that you part your hair, and the way that you pin it up, and everything makes a difference. So, I’ll giving you guys all the details you need to make sure you get a really nice curl set now what we have left is in a triangle shape. Because of the little diagonal sections we took it was too big for me to do in one. So I spy it in two but what you’re going to do is to curl the hair with the iron parallel to the floor, and what that does is it curls the hair into a shape kind of like a bump. So what that’s going to do is create a lot of volume up at the crown it’s also going to make sure that those curls don’t end up intertwining with the others. Because they’re curled in a different direction than the other ones were. So you’ve got a nice bit of volume up there on top, and then you’re going to go ahead, and spray it all, and wait until it’s all cooled, and dried before you take it down. So once all the curls are cool, and dry you can go ahead, and start releasing them from there if you know you don’t want to have to just wait around you can do your makeup after you’ve done the curls, and then just take this down after you’ve done your makeup it kind of helps it out that’s usually what. I do when. I curl my hair. So you can see here we got our three quarter inch curls. So that even though they loosen up throughout the day there will still be curls you’re not going to lose them you pinned them up.

So they’re going to last really well, and then the way that you’ve curled them ensures a lot of volume now what we’re going to do is go ahead, and sweep that hair back from kind of the second curl that we did backward, and. Because of the way that we curled her hair it goes nice, and back Li or he goes back nicely in that direction. So that it creates a nice voluminous upswept look without looking like big Texas hair it’s just a very nice subtle effect. So then you can go ahead, and spray it in place to make sure that it stays really well throughout the day, and then you can go ahead, and arrange the skirt however you like you know you can go ahead, and twist those curls together if you want or you can fluff them out, and make them kind of Victoria Secret eat kind of firm or loose voluminous, and gun effect that one is completely up to you but either way you have your nice curls that are going to stay for a very long time. Because of how we’ve done this. I do have a curling post if you want to check out some more advice on curling, and how to make your curls last even longer throughout the day but here are more posts in my series, I’ve got these different really easy styles that you can do for everyday for school or even picture day or whatever you want to do. I hope you guys like this be sure to check about those posts, and shirt check back on Wednesday for my next tutorial that’s it bye.

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