Glam Holiday Party Hairstyles Tutorial!!

We are doing some holiday hairstyles I think holiday is a great time to try out new stuff with your hair because you’re going to all these parties and getting like Don’t try some new hair I have a time of hair tutorials on like fluffy pretty braids today I wanted to try some new looks for 2017-2018.

I hope you guys enjoy it get into it I’m going to start my hair on one side and crawling all of my hair away from my face Then for fluffiness I’m going through with some texturizing spray and a definition of a small bit of hair, from the front of one side and twist away from the face start bringing up a new piece of hair every single time you twist until all the hair over the ear is twisted and Panetta All the fun part as in Sparkle, I’m using some Chloe & Isabel rhinestone bobby pins which you could buy or DIY and that’s it this straight line mixed with the fluffy hair is very now but still lets your interview.

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I want to start with really texturized hair I already have a texturizing spray and so I’m going to add some ways gray 4 more worn in love how to secure your hair into a low ponytail with a clear elastic and loosen and style the front as you like now grab some gold craft wire and wrap around the ponytail, starting at work Last one I love that it’s more edgy but the wire still feels a little lady and shout out to Desi Perkins and Glenn Close for hair for this one I loved it so much and I needed it in this post this is the signature style of Jen Atkin this year and I love it.

The head that’s what the hair over the elastic and flip the ponytail up and through that whole Titan if needed hair fall back down and brush to smooth then he’s an elastic to secure the hair where you would like it to meet your head and then pain that elastic down to your head.

But you can also Rock craft wire if you want to do that instead and that’s it this is a fresh take on a classic and style it in so many different ways okay fine, I had to throw in something braided but I’m not going to pull it apart probably, start by splitting your hair so that one side is larger than the other my left side is going to have the most hair Left side and wrap it into an oval cut the ends under and put it in place Empanada place finish it off with a headband or grab a ribbon and wrap it around.

I will there you go Go trial so much fun and great for a New Year’s Eve party Now create another ponytail a few inches back including the hair for the first ponytail we made now pull her apart between the two last 6 to create your first.

Want to hide the elastics I repeat that again a few inches down and continue doing that until all the hair is in an elastic In total I did for bubbles and I was left with this ponytail but for me I’m going to back home from Max fluff, wrap this into a loose bun at the nape of my neck I hope you guys enjoy this phone’s a little bit different but still super Glam feminine and fun so I hope you try it out obviously tag me in the morning You always get notifications when I post.

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