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Hey guys I’m going to be showing you how to create this kind of glamorous romantic curly updo it’s really easy to do if your hair is already curly you don’t have to worry about curling it for me my hair today was kind of wavy straight. So, I did curl it.

So that’s why, I took a little bit of time but other than that hairstyle is super easy and if you want to know how to recreate it then just keep reading. So what you’re going to need for this tutorial is a curling iron I’m going to be using Enzo Milano curling iron this is the one that’s half an inch to get smaller curls tighter curls we’re definitely going to need a bunch of brushes this is just to brush through the hair this one if we need to do any teasing and this is Devin d3 by the way the best teasing brush out there and then also a rat tail comb because it’s an updo. So if, I need to fix anything up we’re gonna need that as well and definitely some bobby pins and also to dress up the light, I found some kind of like these bobby pins that have these designs on them this one and then there is a bunch of other ones.

So I’m gonna use. So use any kind of dressy and sparkly kind of hair pieces or accessories that you have um also – you know before we start curling the hair definitely need some heat protectant see you soon what’s up and when we’re finished Elnett hairspray favorite hairspray to set the curls. So let us start where, I start curling my hair I’m gonna brush it up and spray spray each section with heat protecting before, I start cooling it.

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So I’m gonna start on the bottom. So I’m gonna just put my hair up and to you um into a clip. So, I forgot to mention you would need a clip as well.

So I’m going to separate the back into two and then spray it with heat protectant and you definitely want to let your heat protectant dry and absorb into your hair because otherwise it would be counteractive and you’d be burning your hair. So I’m gonna spray both sides and let let the hair dry for a couple seconds. So once your hair is dry you can start curling it and I’m going to separate this section into two further sections like one and two and then grab the bottom one and I’m gonna start curling the hair normally just wrapping the hair around the curler like that and holding it down for about ten seconds or.

So the first one, I usually hold longer because you want the curler to have enough time to kind of heat up all right. So that’s probably enough. So I’m gonna let it out and it’s gonna create this very tight and pretty curl let’s see and then when your hair is out what you want to do is kind of pull in the curl to open it up a little bit and it’s also going to separate into a few and that’s what it’s gonna look like right there.

So that’s it all you want to do is just curl the rest of you here in exactly the same fashion and don’t forget to spray in there with heat protectant before you curl okay. So let’s get going okay. So now that we’ve finished curling all of the hair if your hair was straight this is kind of what it would look like if you use a half an inch curler.

So what I’m doing right now is just kind of running my fingers through the curls because, I want, I want the hair to be really big and you want to kind of open up all of the curls because the more volume you have in your hair the more curly increase your hair is the better the updo is gonna be because it’s gonna be more you know voluminous. So basically once you do this you want to set your curls, I look like 80s right now. So you want to set your curls with a hairspray.

So I’m just going to lightly go around and kind of spray and give the hair even more body by pulling it up and spraying from the bottom like that okay alright. So once you do this the next step is to separate the hair into kind of these sections and the top like the crown and I’m just gonna put it off into a clip and what you want to do with the bottom is grab your um bobby pins excuse-me still getting over a cold um and what you want to do is section by section you want to kind of tease the roots a little bit. So you want to pick up your teasing brush and just kind of tease the roots just a little bit to give them volume and you want to just pick up the pieces and kind of randomly start to twist them.

So basically what, I did is, I picked out this bottom piece and I’m just gonna pick it up and kind of twist it in the back a little bit and I’m gonna grab a bobby pin and just secure it in place like that just randomly just. So that it’s secure and it’s gonna look like something like this, I mean you can’t really see it very well right now. So you want to just continue doing the same thing just grabbing the pieces kind of twisting them like that and pinning them down just like that and then you want to do the same thing here you want to tease it a little bit it is already pretty kind of aluminized of the roots but, I want to just do it a little more by cheesing the roots like that and then you know take it to the back kind of twist it like that and grab a bobby pin and just secure it like that.

So what I’m doing now is I’m doing exactly the same thing we did in the back I’m just kind of twisting and securing the pieces from the crown to the head like that my camera stopped there for a minute. So I’m not sure what, I was able to capture. So basically yeah the whole process is grabbing the pieces of hair and chunks kind of teasing it at the roots to give it some volume and then twisting the ends and just kind of securing it securing it in the back there with the bobby pins.

So I’m gonna do the same thing right now to this hair I’ll show you just like that and for the front sections right here you want to do basically the same thing. So I’m gonna grab this section tease it at the roots like that and then you want to kind of twist it up and take it to the back somewhere find a spot I’ll show you what I’m doing and just secure it with a bobby pin and if you want to you can leave you can leave some random pieces of hair out. So it’s not.

So stark if you want you can pull out a little bit from here like just some random pieces. So like that and then yeah you want to take this piece with this chunk of hair kind of tease it at the roots and then take it to the back and these ones, I kind of don’t twist the the very top portion, I just kind of you know let it hang and then, I grab a bobby pin and secure it like that and I’m going to do the same thing over here. So I’m going to separate the front, I mean I’m gonna separate the hair of the crown separate into two again grow up a teasing brush and just tease it at the roots like that and then I’m going to take it back and twist up the ends and just secure it with a bobby pin.

So the process is basically the same it just takes a little bit of time to kind of get them in place and and stick you’re done with bobby pins. So you’re gonna grab this portion as well tease it at the roots take it back kind of twist the ends a little bit and then just secure it with a bobby pin and you kind of just want to UM look around and see that the hair is position kind of balance don’t you head. So like that there we go and do the same thing to this side here.

So grab the teasing comb cheese with boots take it back bobby pin there we go and just kind of see key right there. So now I’m gonna grab the right tail comb and just kind of go around and fix up the hair to make sure that it’s kind of the same all around the head. So this is kind of what I’m going for just some loose pieces random loose pieces and then all kind of bunched up in the back the last step is to dress out the back and for that I’m gonna grab these pieces the hair pieces that, I showed you in the beginning and then what you want to do is randomly kind of stick them in somewhere in the back I’ll show you what, I mean like that you want to do it in a way that the actual eye piece is not showing and it’s just the it’s just a piece that is sparkly that’s showing like that can you see.

So I’m just gonna go around and randomly insert them around the head to dress up this look a little bit. So just a few random pieces just just dress it up a little bit and that’s basically the look. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this glamorous kind of curly up dude that you can dress up and wear for a night out, I love this look, I would definitely wear it out to you know restaurant or a wedding or something like that.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial let me just do a last little demonstration from the back and, I hope you guys give it a try it’s really easy if your hair is curly you don’t even have to spend the time curling it. So thank you. So much for reading and I’ll see you guys in the next tutorial you.

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