Glamorous Old Hollywood Curls for New Years

Hey girls Abbey here for this tutorial. I decided to do an old Hollywood inspired curls tutorial and, I’ll showing you how to do it with curls or with really soft waves, I’ve gotten this requested a lot. And I really wanted to do it cut. I love old Hollywood inspired things. I think the is fantastic for New Year’s or any kind of formal event you might have coming up, and it’s super easy, and really pretty. So, I’ll just going to show you how to do it you’re going to split your hair in front of your ears, and section it out of the way. Because we don’t want to deal with that first then you’re going to split your hair in half in the back make sure you apply some heat protestant then split one side, and half horizontally, and secure it out of the way then you’re going to take sections that are rectangular you want them longer than they are Wade mine is about inches long, and inch wide, and then you’re going to curl perpendicular, I’ll sorry parallel to your head all the way down making sure you get that curl really nice, and close to the base then what you’re going to do is take that curl, and wrap it around two fingers pin it right on top of the roots that we just curls that’s going to help it to set, and hold your curl a lot longer, and create a little bit of volume as well. So you’re going to wrap like.

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So, and pretend like you have a roller on it that makes it a little bit easier holds it against your head, and pin it then you’re going to let the rest of the hair down, and split that in half again just cut there’s a lot of hair there, and secure the top half out of the way, and then take rectangular sections once again, and curl parallel to the head, and you can see the way that. I curl here is to kind of clip the iron really close to the scalp, and pull out just a couple inches like. So, and then you twist it back up. So you pull, and then twist back up pull, and then twist back up you might want to practice that with the cold iron a couple of times but once you master that technique it’s. So much easier to curl your hair, and it also helps you to get that nice volume up at the top as well. So that’s the method that. I used to create these curls did you’re going to wrap it around your fingers, and once again wrap it up close to your head, and pin it in place, and make sure that when you’re doing this you actually have the roots going upward, and that creates more volume which is going to be great for this top section you’re going to continue doing the same thing curling parallel to your head, and making sure to really pull those roots up especially on the top. Because we really want the volume right here on this side.

So you can see, I’ll pulling at an upward kind of diagonal angle trying to make sure that we get a lot of volume, and also if you wants to sprits your hair wall with hairspray waltz on the iron that will help you to have more holds, and then you’re going to let the hair in front of the ears down, and do the same thing pulling in an upward diagonal direction just to continue to get that volume, and feed the hair through the curling iron, and wrap it up, and pin it in place, and you’re just going to continue that through this section. I decided to leave my French for the very end. Because. I kind of liked doing that once. I have everything else done but you can do that here if you want to as well we’re being really precise with this year. Because actually in the s, and kind of the old Hollywood days they would do this with when their hair was wet, and they would use rollers, and let it dry, and this was really precise, and really elaborate. So kind of trying to mimic that a little bit. So on the other side you’re going to split your hair in half again, and on this leg you’re actually going to curl toward your face which is very old Hollywood thing to do. And I really love this look.

So you’re going to curl it towards your face you’re going to wrap it up, and then you’re going to pin it in place again you’re going parallel to your head the is the exact same thing we did on the other side is just going towards your face, and wrap, and pin this also really reminds me something Selena Gomez did on the red carpet recently that. I got a lot of requests for. So I hope you guys like that for this as well, and then in this last section you’re going to pull it away horizontally from your head you’re not going to create as much volume. Because you want the volume on the other side. So it’s more asymmetrical, and dramatic. So you can see, I’ll pulling this that kind of a degree angle from my head it’s kind of horizontal rather than upward, and diagonal, and that’s just going to help to create a little bit of asymmetry there, and a little bit more drama to the look then you’re going to let the hair down in front of the ear, and you’re going to curl it the exact same way just pulling it parallel to the ground, and then wrapping it up, and then you want to pin it same height as your eye just to kind of create that shape right there, and once you have that all wrapped up you can just let those curls sit until they’re nice, and cool however long it takes your hair to cool down is however long you need, and then you can go ahead if you wanted to leave your fringe to the end you can go ahead, and do that, and you can see. I pulled that down at a downward diagonal ankle. So it would fall over my eye, and create that kind of old Hollywood thing then you can let your curls down, and the is what they look like if you want some kind of soft but still defined curls now if you want to have soft waves you can actually take a comb, and comb through your hair which is another old Hollywood thing to do, and what’s scary to comb through your curls but. I promise it’s okay, and then you can also if you need to shape them you can actually take them, and comb them around your hands, and it kind of creates some shape there. So if you know that there’s a shape you want to create you can just come around your hand, and it will create that. So that’s it whichever one you decided to do. I hope you love it.

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