Go To Sleep Little Baby

Go To Sleep Little Baby


Its unlikely that you can cure a sleep problem with homoeopathy alone, but it may calm your child enough so that other solutions work. And even if it doesnt work, it will have done no harm. As with all homoeopathic remedies, the remedies for sleep disruptions treat the person rather than the symptoms. Your sleepless baby may fit one of two common temperaments, and may be helped by over-the-counter homoeopathic remedies.

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You may want to consult a homoeopath; the address of the British Homoeopathic Association is on page 151.

Try pulsatilla to calm your baby when he seems to need to be with you to sleep but wakes or cries as soon as you move away. This is the one for you when you want to stop playing musical beds.

Try chamomilla when your baby is crotchety or irritable, when he wants you not only to be with him but to move as well. Its certainly a much greener alternative to driving your baby around in the car to get him to sleep. Chamomilla is better known as the active ingredient in homoeopathic teething granules for use when your baby is teething and irritable with it.

Coping with Feelings, Gaining Support.

I can remember thinking how easy it would be to smash his head against a wall when he was six to 12 months.


We live by a river and there were times I used to think that if I just let go of the pram I could go home and have some sleep. I was going to bed at 8pm. My husband and I had no relationship.

Amanda, mother of Ben, aged five months.

Sleeping problems can tear families apart – especially when they are severe or long lasting. In families where the stress level is already high, like those in which there is a child with a disability, or where there are relationship problems or money or housing problems, the addition of sleep problems can make the stress almost intolerable.

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