Gold And Copper Makeup Tutorial

Hey Everyone in Sunday Fun day, and today, I’ll doing a makeup tutorial on the makeup that, I’ve been wearing, and most of my posts over the past couple of weeks. Because you guys are busted it, I’ll starting out by priming my eyes with NARS eye shadow primer, and then, I’ll going to use kind of a goldfish beige shimmery eye shadow base, and then the one, I’ll going to use is by julep, and it’s called their eye Sheen, and pale nude but you could also use the NYX infinite shadow stick, and silk which, I’ve used some of the times that, I’ve done this look here’s a comparison between the two the is the next one right here, and then on the right is the julep one you can see it’s much lighter, and warmer than the NYX shadow stick. So then, I’ll just going to take a Sigma P, and apply that over my lids, and slightly into the crease, and of course you guys can use whatever products you have that are similar to these. I wanted to show you swatches. So you could pick the ones that would be closest to what you have at home then, I’ll going to take Urban Decay’s eye shadow in blunt and, I’ll going to use my finger to apply this just to the inside portion of my eye to add a little bit of extra glow, and shimmer now that we’ve added that brightness to the eyes we’re going to go into the crease with trick from Urban Decay’s Naked palette, and then, I’ll going to be using a sigma e to blend that out and, I’ll just taking that through the crease, and slightly onto the outside portion of my lid.

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So that you get this kind of shaded portion on the outside of your eye which creates a really beautiful gradient across the lid you also want to make sure that it’s going through the crease to create a really beautiful ingredient within the crease as well then, I’ll going to blend that out with Urban Decay’s eye shadow in blunt, and a sigma e, and just blend right over the top of that line just. So there’s no weird line from that coppery color right over your crease then we’re going to move on to deepening things up even more and, I’ll going to be taking this table color from the lorac Pro palette and, I’ll going to be using a sigma e. Because it’s my favorite crease brush of all time of ever and, I’ll just going to place that right into my crease, and that’s basically all it’s going is right at the bottom of that crease just to really enhance the depth there but you also have the copper peaking above, and below it. So it has a lot of dimension finally, I’ll going to take Marylou manager by the balm with a small brush, and apply that right to the inside corner of my eye to create a lot of openness, and extra glow eons to the eye look here are some swatches of the eye shadows that. I use. So that you can compare them to what you have, and decide how much darker you need to based on your skin tone, and now on to the eyeliner, I’ll using a black eyeliner, and they Brown my liner for this look. I do this quite often. Because. I like the smokiness that it gives.

I’ll starting out with the brow and, I’ll actually creating a slight wing. Because. I always do that on my eye shape but it’s definitely not essential to this look if you don’t like to wear a wing on your eye shape then, I’ll going in with the black, and going bright against my lash line. So basically you see the brown picking up over the black with the black gives that great smolder smokiness right at the base of the lashes. So you get the intensity from that but the smokiness from the brown. And I really like that the is a little trick, I’ve been using. I take that if it’s highbrow when, I’ll done, and add it right underneath that wing. I find that it opens my eyes up. And I get a lot of compliments on my eye makeup after, I’ve done this. So you could do this with an eye shadow or a pencil or whatever but it’s just a trick, I’ve been using, and then we’re going to finish off the eye look with some mascara, I’ll starting out with my julep volumizing mascara which is a false fiber one. So it adds little fibers into your lashes, and getting one coat of that on, and then, I’ll going to do my brows. And I just uploaded last week an entire post on how. I do my brows.

So that will be linked on the screen right now, and in the description box below. Because. I do my brows right now exactly like. I do them in that post but this gives my eyelashes a chance to dry. So once. I get done with my eyebrows. I go back in with my butterfly mascara by L’Oreal, and get some extra definition, and volume from a second mascara application, and now onto the face, I’ll going to be using NYX mosaic blush, and dare, and sometimes it’s hard to see when it’s a mosaic blush. So here’s a swatch of it right there, and then on the left you can see rocket or by benefit which is slightly cooler, and a little bit darker on the right we have coralista by benefit which is much lighter, and on the bottom is Luminous by Milani which is much more coral, I’ll applying dare with the Sigma f to my cheeks. And I just showed you guys those swatches. So you can pick out what might work best for you out of the collection that you have cut. I know all those blushes are pretty popular then we’re going to move on to some highlight, I’ll using the Mac mineralize skin finish in soft, and gentle, and a sigma e to apply that right over the tops of my cheekbones. I pretty much highlight all the time. Because, I’ll addicted to like a dewy look on my face. So that’s kind of an everyday thing for me then, I’ll using the NYX butter lipstick, and sugar wafer, and flower beauty lip gloss, and baby’s breath for my perfect nude my nation it’s very light. So if you don’t have fair skin you might want to find in some colors that are slightly darker but if you have fair skin, and you want that perfect pink lip it’s awesome, and that is it for today’s post. I hope you’ve enjoyed it tomorrow. I will be back with my collar post it’s going to be a couple days early this week. And I hope you guys are excited to see it, I’ll see you then bye.

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