Golden Sun Juice Normal Damaged Homemade

This is a rich, protective, nourishing oil with an SPF-15. It may be used as a general-healing body oil for damaged skin or when protection is needed from sun and wind. (The SPF is based on empirical research and not from laboratory testing.) Notice how your skin responds to the sun with this oil. If it burns, you need a stronger product, or you can increase the SPF by adding additional PABA.

1/2 oz. beeswax 1 oz. lecithin

2 oz. shea butter 3 oz. coconut oil

1 oz. wheat germ oil 1 tablespoon PABA

4 oz. sesame oil optional: 3 oz. cocoa

4 oz. St. Johnswort-infused olive oil butter, 50 drops essential

(see Luscious Lotion 29) oils of choice

In a 16-oz. heat-proof measuring cup (if adding cocoa butter, use a cup that is 20 oz. or larger) combine all the ingredients except the PABA, lecithin and optional essential oils. Place the measuring cup in a hot-water bath, and while stirring allow the oils and beeswax to melt together and become a uniform liquid free of lumps. In a small cup combine the lecithin and the PABA, stirring and dissolving the PABA into the lecithin. Remove the heat-proof cup from the hot-water bath, add the PABA-lecithin mixture and stir in well. Pour into a squeeze bottle and add essential oils of choice, if desired. Cap and shake bottle to mix in essential oils. If ingredients should separate, shake before using. Makes about 16 oz., if using cocoa butter makes 20 oz.

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