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Flight or fight response

To help you better understand how this energy works, lets go back to a time before recorded history, when your ancestors had to survive in the jungle, without tools or weapons, living by their wits.

Imagine them walking through the jungle, and they hear a rustling in the bushes nearby. That noise could mean one of two things. Perhaps its a small animal, like a rabbit, that they can catch and eat. Maybe it is a large animal, like a tiger, that wants to catch and eat them.

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It is all a matter of survival. Catch the rabbit and eat it, and you will survive longer. Outrun the tiger, and you will survive. Either way, your ancestors needed a big burst of energy. The people whose bodies could generate the most energy in the shortest amount of time during an emergency were the people who survived.

Their descendants – that includes you – inherited the characteristics of their ancestors, including the ability to create a lot of energy when something happens that they are not expecting.

Somebody quietly walks up behind you and startles you when they speak.

The coach gives you a new assignment that you have not prepared for, and you become nervous, wondering if you can handle the job.

Your coach, boss, parent or spouse asks, Why did you do that? and you tense up, wondering if they are angry.

In any of these situations, and countless others that come up every day, you can use your Exercise Method workout and fitness techniques to help you maintain control, so that you can choose to use the energy the way that you desire. Take a deep breath, and as you exhale, relax. Then use the energy that has built up to deal with the situation.

This is especially appropriate in training and athletics. The energy that builds up is in the form of a faster heart rate, tense muscles, rapid breathing, adrenaline released into your bloodstream things that prepare your body to do additional work. Use it. Use this extra energy that you dont normally have to help you perform better than you normally do.

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