How To Be A Good Kisser With Tongue

1. Start off by following the First Kiss steps to warm

2. With your head slightly tilted to the side up for the French Kiss.

Tip: Your head doesn’t need to be tilted 90 degrees

Tip: You need to keep the kisses flowing when you to the side: just enough so your mouths fit together go from a kiss to a French Kiss. and you don’t bump noses. That’s not to say there’s a “rule” about not tilting your head 90 degrees – do what feels comfortable.

3. Open your mouth naturally so you don’t feel any pulling

Tip: As soon as you feel any pulling, you are going too far. Start off kissing like this; you can always open it more as you go.

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4. Pull them into you

Tip: You need to take control of the situation. Once they feel you pulling them in, they will know what is happening. There is nothing worse than someone getting startled and fighting you with their tongue.

French Kiss

5. Look at their lips as you pull them in so you get the right spot and can see what they are doing as well. You really need to mirror them.

Tip: If this is the first time you have French kissed someone, then you may want to leave your eyes open for a while yet. Don’t be afraid to look to make sure you are getting the right spot.

6. Make contact with their lips and mouth.

Tip: Apply enough pressure but not too much. If you follow the practice steps, you will know how much pressure.

7. Close your mouth with theirs.

Tip: Suck in a little bit while doing this. While closing your mouth by sucking in a little it, pulls theirs lips into yours. Don’t vacuum their tonsils out, though!

8. When your mouths are closing, hold onto their lip softly as you pull away. Allow them to do the same to your lips if they try.

Tip: Turning your head into the upright position as you go.

9. Repeat this one more time. 10. Repeat steps 5 & 6 again.

11. This time, slowly slide your tongue into their

12. Massage their tongue with yours by moving it in mouth. and out of their mouth.

13. Once you have been doing step 12 for a while,

14. When you decide you want to finish each French you can experiment more with your tongue being a kiss, you need to work backwards. Start off by slow- little more vigorous. ing down the tongue movement.

Tip: Don’t go over the top. You don’t want tongues slipping out of the mouth.

15. Start kissing without any tongue. 16. Then finish off just how you would a normal kiss.

Tip: Don’t be too rushed at doing this; otherwise, Tip: Think of how you would pat your cat or dog and you will appear inexperienced. do this to their tongue.

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