Gossip Girl – Juliet’s Formal Down Do

Hey girls Abbey here today we’re starting a new series, and it’s going to be on Gossip Girl, and today we’re doing Juliet, and we’re doing this really pretty like down zoo kind of thing. I thought it would be good to start with the formal style. Because it’s Gossip Girl, and it’s really simple, and pretty, and easy. And I just love it. And I decided to start with Juliet. Because. I wanted to give you guys time to send in requests for your favorite main characters, I’ll going to be doing a week at least a week on Blair Serena, and Lily, and then, I’ll kind of up in the air about whether. I want to do Vanessa, and Little J. So leave in the comments if you want Vanessa, and little J if you want to send me a request send pictures of the hairstyle that you want to see to my form spring that. I really love getting requests. Because it helps me to know what you guys are really looking for. So if you want to send me requests. I would love to. And I always um. I also always film about three weeks ahead on these posts and. So I always tweet out in my Facebook out on the day or around the day that, I’ll getting ready to start filming for a certain character asking for those requests. So if you want to know like right when, I’ll filming something. So you can send me a request follow me on Twitter or Facebook, and that would be a good way to make sure that we’re all kind of together on this sorry for the ridiculously long intro. I hope you guys loved this tutorial, and yeah that’s it okay hi alright.

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So for this hairstyle she started out with a really messy texture, and my favorite way to do that fast is just to use hot rollers but you could also do this with a curling iron or if your hair scrunches easily you could scrunch it as well when you dry it whatever way just get a little bit of messy texture into your hair, and then if you want to you can separate your bangs or your friends that you might have, and just clip it out of the way, and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to start arranging the top of the hair you’re going to take the hair that’s right next to the crown of the head, and you’re going to pull it in just a little bit, and when you do this you want to leave it pretty loose it’s going to little bit of a voluminous look from the front, and it kind of gives the back a little bit of dimension as well, and then you’re going to take a section just the side of that closer to your face, and you’re going to pull it across you’ll see here, and just underneath that first one, and then you’re going to repeat the same thing on the other side you just do this section directly to the right of the crown of your head, and that’s about an inch section.

I believe, and you’re going to pin that in place, and you can see that. I pinned these straight down another way if you have a hard time hiding these pins you can do a couple little twists like twist it two times, and then pin it makes it a little bit easier just a little trick to throw in there if you guys want to use that, and then we’re going to start creating this bottom shape you’re going to take the hair from just in front of the ear, and pull it across the nape of your well not really the nape of you’re not kind of just below the crown of your head horizontally, and the is where we start making that shape, and then you’re going to pin it in place, and then you want to take an identical section from the other side, and light it up just underneath the previous section, and as you do this with lining up the sections you kind of create a cool little texture here. Because whenever you finish pinning them, and all the pins are hidden, and everything then you have that cool little basket texture to it, and it looks really interesting, and then you’re going to repeat that again with another two sections you’re going to take one from the side, and again that’s going to be right from the very front of the hairline. Because you want to encapsulate all of the hair into this you don’t want to have any that’s hanging out.

So it’s kind of creating um my almost like a wrapped ponytail effect but it’s not about two ponytail if that makes any sense at all, and then you’re going to do the exact same thing on the other side now depending on your hair you might want to do more sections the is all that. I did to create the shape. And I think that’s really a sufficient number honestly but if you find that you want to do more you can always do more but for your very last section what you want to do is take the hair that’s just underneath the skirt of the hair, and bring it around, and put it just underneath again. Because you don’t want to pin these all hot. Because then you’ll see where it starts, and where it ends. So you want to start with it underneath, and then pin it again underneath, and that way you can’t tell it all, and it’s kind of a cool effect, and nobody really knows how you did it except for you now if you want you can leave your bangs down just like that or you can just pin them back like. So or if you have normal short bangs you can leave them down. And I think it would be adorable but that’s it you’re done you.

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