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Smooth Skin With a Stimulating Scrub

Glow with a ginger body scrub. The molecular properties of ginger cause a warming effect because they draw blood to the surface of your skin helping to increase circulation for healthy skin repair and growth. Make your own natural ginger body scrub by combining freshly grated ginger-root, coconut oil or olive oil and sugar. Rub this mixture over your skin and let it sit for five minutes before rinsing with warm water.

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If it’s knit, wear it when it’s cold outside. Don’t bother with what the hat says on it. And if it advertises something you don’t care for, remove the labeling or tape it up. Pants/Sweats/TightsAlas, you can’t find hair makeup pants at a dollar store. However, you can buy cheap new hair makeup sweats at discount chains. As with hair makeup shirts, Goodwill is another option, as is asking a hairstyles director for hairstyles-day throw-aways. WatchA watch is a necessity during certain periods of training when you need to time your track repeats, or during hairstyles day. But it doesn’t have to be equipped with the computing processing power needed to navigate a rover on the surface of Mars. A simple watch with just a timer and lap splits works great. Many dollar stores carry themFor most of your beauty, all you need is a pair of shoes, shorts, shirt, and an open road.

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