Green Beans Will Help You Lose Weight

GREEN BEANS Will Help You Lose Weight

Green beans, commonly termed the French bean or string bean, belong to the same botanical.

Species as the kidney bean. During the 16th century, the green bean was considered a luxury food for royalty and it is reported as one of the oldest known foods, dating back 7000 years in Mexico and known to the American Indians. The green bean supported the survival of early settlers in America prior to the cultivation of corn and other crops.

Green beans are a good carbohydrate food (8g), plus a fair source of dietary fibre (3. 5g), important for elimination of waste as it binds with cancer-causing toxins, usually as a by-product of meat digestion, and cleanses the colon.

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As meat, chicken and fish provide no fibre, the addition of green beans to the menu is really a life saver in the long term.

The good supply of folate (40mcg) is worth snapping into especially for the expectant mother, as folate is vital for infant development and the reproduction of body cells. Folate also promotes brain function and is essential for the nervous system and to prevent nervous exhaustion. Folate is water soluble and required regularly from the diet. The supply of iron (1. 1mg) plus vitamin K (22mcg) from the green bean is also important for an expectant mother, plus it is vital for the circulatory system. If you freeze your beans, the vitamin K may disappear, plus antibiotics, aspirin, mineral oils and x-rays can all deplete the bodys store of this fat-soluble vitamin. Green beans provide complete protein.

(2g) with a very low fat content (0. 013g), so you can add the butter or oil to the slightly steamed green beans and still have a well-balanced food.

The supply of potassium (230mg) is worth picking beans fresh from the vine, as potassium is heat sensitive, and in combination with the phosphorus content (42mg) the benefits of increased oxygen into the brain for efficient mental function are obtained. The magnesium content of 25mg promotes nourishment to the white nerve fibres of the brain. The vitamin A content (700 I.U. ) is fair and with the supply of vitamin C (16mg), the fresh French bean is an antioxidant food, able to retard the oxidation of cholesterol and subsequent arterial plaque.

The green bean is a safe food for diabetics (50 G.I. ), plus it is said to promote the production of natural insulin due to the supply of plant hormones in combination with the small amount of the mineral zinc (0.26mg).

The green bean is very low in calories (34), and this combined with the supply of fibre, means you can easily eat them all day and feel satisfied that the waistline is on the decline! Slight cooking of the green bean, immersed in near boiling water for 2 minutes is ample to soften the texture. Add your favourite cream sauce and serve with grilled ocean fish and roast pumpkin for a colourful, healthful meal. Green beans supply a small amount of calcium (41mg), so add a sprinkle of cheese for a satisfying and bone-building entree. When in season, the green bean is a very economical food and children seem to like the taste. Thats certainly a bonus for their health as green beans are the best legume source of vitamins A, K and folate.

Whenever you see the green bean, if it snaps when you bend it, try it raw; or if its a few days old, lightly steam the green bean for an excellent addition to any protein meal, such as with rice, chicken, meat or fish. The green French bean will help you stay lean.

NOTE: d.v. refers to the daily value for women 25-50 years, refer to RDI chart for adult male and child values.

C. P. L. CALORIES – total: 333 kcal. Per 100 grams.

73 25 2 Calories from: Carb: 244 Protein: 82 Fat: 7

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