Green Smoothies Recipes To Lose Weight

Some suggestions for different toppings are: 1. Top with cooked mashed vegetables, well spiced. 2. Top with the filling for stuffed butternut pumpkin (77) 3. Top with pineapple pieces, fresh or unsweetened.

Spaghetti vegetable with sauce

1 spaghetti vegetable 1 cup tomato paste, salt free

1 cup medium-hot taco sauce

Cut the spaghetti vegetable in half lengthways and remove the seeds. Wrap each half in microwave-safe plastic wrap.

Microwave on high for 6 to 8 minutes Reposition the vegetables two times during cooking. Allow to stand wrapped for 1/2 further 6 minutes.

With 1/2 fork, gradually pull out the spaghetti from each half and place onto individual plates.

Mix together the taco sauce and the tomato paste. Pour over the vegetable spaghetti.

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