How to Grow Longer Eyelashes

THE LOOK:The postswim effect on lashes and brows—because they never seem as dark or subtly pretty as when they’re wet THE TRICK: Brush a clear brow gel through brows, pushing hairs up (use cuticle scissors to trim if needed). “Angling brows upward creates the athletic look you want,” says Lee.

Now, for your lashes: With a classic eyelash curler (like Revlon Gold Series Lash Curler, $10; drugstores), “squeeze at the roots, then again midway up for the most gentle curve,” says Lee. Immediately after, apply a quick flick of black mascara to both top and bottom lashes for a dark, defined look.

GET THEM A curling mascara will help hold your curl long term. Benefit Roller Lash Super-curling & Lifting Mascara ($24; contains a polymer that shrinks as it dries to curl lashes and keep them that way.

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