Gym Exercises For Weight Loss

10. Look at your stronger hand. Keep your eyes focused on your hand. (pause)

9. Cause your hand to feel sensitive, very sensitive. Slowly cause one finger to move, then cause

your fingers to separate from one another and at the same time cause your hand to rise from your lap. (pause)

8. Continue to allow your hand to rise in the direction of your face, (pause)

7. Higher and higher. Feel your arm becoming lighter and lighter as the back of your hand draws closer and closer to your face. Your hand may feel as though a balloon is lifting it. (pause)

6. Allow your hand and arm to become still lighter and lighter as you continue to help them rise higher and higher, (pause)

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5. Your hand and arm become lighter and lighter as you allow them to rise higher and higher, now beyond the midpoint between your face and your lap. (pause)

4. Raise them higher and higher, (pause)

3. Your hand and arm rise higher and higher and become lighter and lighter, now drawing very near your face, (pause)

2. Higher and higher. Your hand is almost touching your face, (pause)

1. The back of your hand now touches your face. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and while exhaling, return your hand to its resting position on your lap. (pause)

You may now continue with your programming.

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