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I have tried all three of these methods for detangling my hair and have decided that the best method of detangling for me personally is to detangle with my fingers. This method works best for me because I am able to train and define my curls better and I do not experience as much shrinkage when I detangle this way.

My experience whenever I detangle my hair using a Denman, paddle brush or something similar, is that my curls have a tendency to spring tighter resulting in a great deal of shrinkage. When I detangle this way, my curls are beautifully coiled however I prefer a more elongated curl. If you don’t have a preference in shrinkage, using this method of detangling gives beautiful curl definition.

What I like to do with the Denman brush once a month or every two weeks, depending on my instinct, is detangle my curls while my hair is wet BEFORE I apply any product. I do this by allowing the water to run over my hair until it is soaking wet. I then, divide my hair into two sections with an imaginary part going down the middle, from front to back. With one section of the hair secured by a clip and water running over the other, I begin to detangle starting at the ends and working my way up towards the scalp. The water is running through my hair the whole time I am doing this. After I’m finished detangling I apply my product. This method helps to remove any dead hair that is trapped as well as define the curls.

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