Hair-Crossed Bun Updos Hairstyles

Good morning again. So the second homecoming hairdo prom hairdo, whatever you want to call it is I’m going to call it hair crossed bun. And you’ll understand why when we’re done doing the hairdo. So to start with her, I decided to do a little more grown up version. So I’m not wetting her hair down. It’s dry. But I have straightened the top layer. If you look underneath, it’s still got her natural curly through it. I’ve only straightened the top layer, and that’s just to give it the appearance of being smooth when I pull it back initially. OK. So I’m going to start by just pulling it back into a low pony at the base of her neck, nape of her neck. Since her hair isn’t wet, you can see we’re getting these little fly aways. She’s opted to leave her bands out today you could also pull the bangs back. So instead of water, I’m just going to spritz some hairspray and then use the comb to just smooth out the little fly aways that always just naturally happen. And once you get that smooth pull off a big rubber band, OK I am going to secure it with a rubber band. So this is the trick to the rubber banding. Take it like a normal rubber band.

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You’re going to go around a couple times, just normal. On the last time through, you’re only going to pull the hair through about that far til it creates a nice bump. And then you’re going to leave the rest. Now to secure the hair, I’m going to take a second smaller rubber band and I’m just going to go around that section this time. And that’s just going to secure that little bump we just made. So you can see why I straightened. Just so that it has a nice straight look to it. And again, at the end, we can take some hairspray and just smooth it if we need to. Now, with this little poof of hair down here at the bottom, you’re going to section it off into little sections. You’re going to take it up over the rubber band, down back underneath. Bobby pin, please? And you’re going to secure it with a bobby pin. And once it’s secure up in there, you’re going to take your next section of hair from the opposite side this time. My girls have quite thick hair, so I’m going to take a little bit bigger sections. But you can make them as small as you want. And I’m going to go up higher over the top. I’m going to get another bobby pin and secure down clear underneath that hair up. OK. So then I’m going to take my next section of hair, and I’m going to go up over the top and secure it wherever it ends.

Just try to hide those bobby pins. You can pull this one down underneath, or you can go back over the top again. The idea is to give it a little bit of a layered look across the rubber band on her hair. And secure the bobby. So you want a little more dimension this time, so I’m going to go low. You can see why on my girls I do a little bit chunkier pieces, because they have so much hair. We could end up with crossovers. Go up, cross over. You’ll notice that sometimes they start catching on the other bobby pins. Have to readjust a little bit. There we go. OK. I don’t like this little piece right here, so I’m going to actually add another bobby pin just to make that a little tighter. This is one of those hairdos you just have to play with as you go. See what you like and you don’t like. See if I can do one more. Nope. I’ll have to do that one separate. Add a bobby. OK. Now on this piece, probably not going to come all the way over. So I’ll just tuck it to the side. Bobby pin it down so it’s out of the way. Now I’m going to come back and fluff this just a little bit, a little dimension. And then hairspray if need be, any little wisp-ies. Need one more bobby pin, honey. Then you can take and tuck up. Smooth anything out that needs to be smoothed. Hide any more little hairs. One more. Can I have one more? You can see, just depending on the hair, this is not an exact science. Just have to work with your hair. And there you go. You have a fun little bun, Hair crossed over bun. And then for her bangs, I’ll just leave hers down. Or if you wanted to be fancy, you could just do a small little clip. One more. Oh, I dropped that one. You could just get a fun clip, add a little bobby pin, just to have a little bit of a fun swoop bang on the front.

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