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Today we’re doing September favorites and I’m aware a little bit late to be doing a favorites post but what had happened was I’ve been trying to upload a post for the last week and a half and I think I’m just out of practice or something because I had like a filming and editing schedule mapped out I knew when I was gonna upload posts like I was pumped about how this last week and half was gonna go and then I don’t know what happened I was I worked hours and hours and hours every day and I still don’t have a post to show for it I feel like I just have like bad mojo right now maybe it’s like cuz Mercury’s in retrograde even though I have no idea what that means but I’ve been seeing it on snapchat by the way I have a snapchat and I’m frustrated and so I’m like I want to break the cycle I want to break the bad mojo what is an easy post that.

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I can do that I can upload and just break the cycle so I decided to do a favorites post so that’s what we’re doing today pardon the mini rant I have just been so just oh I really wanted to post posts and it’s just I’m a very task oriented person and so when I work all day and then I can’t check things off of my list at the end of the day because they didn’t happen it just puts me out another level guys I just can’t deal with it so favorites post I hope you guys enjoy this it’s a lot of hair stuff a lot of hair stuff because I’ve been really into my hair lately especially since getting it colored and we’re gonna talk about it hope you guys enjoy this let’s dive right in first one is the pure ology perfect for platinum miracle filler treatment when you get your hair lightened sometimes what happens is that you lose like little patches of your cuticle layer on your hands when you lose those little portions your hair can get kind of frizzy it can tangle easily.

It can break easily and it doesn’t have as much shine so you want to do things to fix it so this actually goes in and fills in those holes in your cuticle layer and then after filling in those holes you’ll notice that your hair is smoother softer shinier and you can brush through it significantly more easily and you should have less breakage I’ve definitely noticed all of those things after using this best product it’s been awesome so if you get your hair lightened whether it’s highlights ombre platinum whatever this is a really good product to use and I’ve really enjoyed it.

So far okay so the next one I’ve used forever in the post before it is the joy coke a factory constructor or deep rig instructor and it is a deep conditioner and reconstructing treatment it has tons of protein in it and you basically put it on after you shampoo your hair you let it sit in for five minutes then you rinse it out and it’s done and what this does is it makes your hair much stronger and it helps to repair damage that your hair might have after chemical treatments or after styling the elements or heat styling so normally I use this once every two weeks because it’s pretty powerful I don’t really need to use it every week but now that I just gotten my hair colored I’ve been using it once every week and I’m gonna keep seeing that for a couple more weeks until my hair feels like as strong as I want it to and then I’ll switch back to every two weeks this product actually all the products that I’m mentioning today are salon products and so make sure that if you pick them up that you get them from an authorized salon retailer the reason I say that is because if it’s not an authorized retailer you don’t know what you’re getting you might be getting something that is expired something that is counterfeit scary or something that is old discontinued it might be bad cuz I love this product I don’t love the expired version of this product I don’t think I would have a good experience with that.

And I would hate for you guys to end up with the expired version of anything that I’m talking about authorized retailers would be like a salon near you lakhs of UD comm is another great one where you know that you’re getting what you’re paying for otherwise you might not be getting what you’re paying for and you might have a bad experience with the product that I actually really love so make sure you’re buying from a good source that way you’re not wasting your money and you should probably have a lot better experience than you would otherwise so my favorite hair tool for this month has been the new me octo wand and if you guys remember last year they had the octo wand and they discontinued it and it broke my heart like.

I’m not even kidding I get really attached to the hair tools that I love and so they discontinued it and I was like but but what am I gonna use in my posts now like obviously I still love the Titan in the lustrum they’re still awesome there’s still perfect hair tools for a lot of different things it’s just this one has barrels also it comes this new one comes in a really cool case as eight barrels here you go and you can literally do anything with it I did a post another post with BuzzFeed recently that’s coming out like Friday or Saturday where I styled hair from the s now and I only use the new Meopta wand for it literally that’s it ana straightener because the s perfect for Halloween because it has this tiny where is it this tiny little barrel I don’t even know where else you can find this it’s tiny and it’s perfect with you want to do like s curls it would be perfect for the s it’s perfect for if you’re gonna be like a witch or a zombie you want to get really tight curls you can do that or if you just want to look like Taylor Swift circa like you know whatever I also like it because it has a bumper on the end because this is normally where I burn myself with my iron is on the tip like you know while my hand is moving around it I end up.

Because I don’t wear the glove I didn’t up burning myself on the tip of the iron so I like that it has a cool tip so I don’t burn myself as easily and it has a wonderful heat setting so that you can decide exactly how hot you want your iron to be which has been great because since I lightened my hair I have been using a cooler temperature on my iron just a bit healthier not damage it as much so yes I love this set I just yes I love it I think you guys should try it out if you’re really looking for a super comprehensive set but if not I mean I love everything from nume and I always have their coupon codes in my description box if you’re ever interested they are there for you okay and I’ve also been on a volumizing kick lately can you tell like this is big hair for me y’all because I have y’all with Southern roots coming out because I have really fine flat hair and I work hard to get volume in my hair so I have two favorite volumizing mousse is right now and honestly I just use them for different things so I have the big sexy hair big altitude volumizing mousse and then the Moroccan oil root boost which is technically like a root lifting product not a mousse but we’re just gonna pretend umm this one I use for actually use it today I use it when I want really fluffy light texture to my hair when I’m planning on using like a texturizing spray and I’m okay with my hair looking just like a little bit texturized cuz it does give you that kind of drier texture to your hair which is not a bad thing like I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all but you know it does kind of dry a little bit it does kind of texture ice a little bit.

So I use it when I want that kind of like drier texture eyes look when I want more like hair commercial hair I use this one this one basically it does the same thing if volumizes really really well you spray it onto your roots and then you massage it in and it all adds a lot of shine and smoothness to your hair so that’s why I say hair commercial hair because it’s a lots and lots of shine but also lots of volume this one has replaced the Kardashian K body volume foam for me because I used to love that one because it was a shine enhancing and volumizing product I think this one gets my hair shinier and more voluminous then that one did so that’s why I like it better but if this one is a little bit too much of a splurge for you which I totally get because these products are a little pricey the Kardashian volume foam is a good option so yeah two favorites right here I do really love these so I just have a couple of makeup products the first one is the benefit roller lash mascara you have probably already heard about this on somebody else’s channel because it’s awesome this is a lash curling mascara that actually curls your lashes I have tried so many lash curling mascaras in the past that did nothing to my lashes.

I just I thought that literally lash curling mascaras were a lie sold to us by the makeup industry until I tried this mascara because I can literally do this without using a lash curler and my lashes will still be curls like I can just throw on like if I’m in a hurry I can throw this on and it will just like lift my lashes up and I look more awake and bright eyed and my lashes are like on point I’m a huge fan and my final favorite is the Becca shimmering skin perfecter and champagne pop I feel like everybody’s talked about this but you know what they do because it’s awesome I bought it and I have been loving it I’ve been wearing it all the time I’m wearing it now it looks great on my skin when it’s fair and natural like this but also when I’m have a little bit of self tanner on it looks really good on that too it’s just the perfect peachy champagne color with the just perfect amount of glow it’s no Sparkle it just makes you look very lit and it’s strobed and just perfect I really really love it if you love highlighters as much as I do next I’m here in Sephora swatch this thing because it I mean it lives up to the hype it’s really great I love it I think you will too yeah and I wanted to do a favorite youtuber this month.

And I decided I need to talk more about fellow hair bloggers and vloggers because there’s more of us now and I think it’s awesome and I just want to share the love and support other people that are loving hair as much as I am so my favorite one this month has been Kirsten zellers she is a actually she has a ton of platform she has Instagram she has a blog she has a YouTube channel they’re all awesome I’m gonna link all three down below but start with her YouTube channel if you enjoy mine because she has lots of great hairstyles especially incorporating braids and like really creative frames but still very easy and they’re beautiful like all of her hairstyles I just stare at them I found all her stuff to be so beautiful but still so easy to do and that’s obviously that what I love to do on my channel and so I think that you guys will love that as well and I think she’s incredible at what she does so you guys should definitely check it out and if you do tell her I sent you to say hi send the love because she really is just great and I think you guys will love her and that is it for my September favorites I hope that you guys have enjoyed this I hope this breaks me out of my bad mojo and I can just upload tons of posts I’m planning to start Halloween posts next week knock on wood that everything goes perfectly for that if you have any Halloween requests leave them in the description box I’m totally interested to hear where they are and that’s it I will see you guys in my next post yeah bye.

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