Hair and makeup for long hair

1. Start with the Hydro Boost® Foaming Ceanser’s rich, soft ather to remove impurities, eaving your skin hydrated and healthy-looking.

2. Next, put some bounce back in your skin with Hydro Boost® Water Gel.

It’s formulated with hyaluronic acid, which retains up to 1000 times its weight in water, plumping skin ceils with hydration and ocking it in a day.

3. Since your skin cells renew at night, Hydro Boost® Night Concentrate is special y formulated to continuously re ease intense hydration as you sleep, so you wake up to amazing y hydrated, soft and supple skin.

4. Once a week, use a Hydro Boost® Mask With a unique fabric contour design and six times the Hyaluronic acid of Hydro Boost® Water GeH it gives your skin an intensified hydration boost, for radiant and g owing skin.

Give your skincare regime a boost.

TOP TRAITS: She has a fondness for florals and feminine dresses, but her newsfeed is a smart mix ot politics and culture.

LCOK FOR: Subtle winged liner and a Chloe Hudson tassel bag sw inging from her shoulder. NATURAL HABITAT: Standing in line r tickets to a French film festival. SIGNATURE LABELS: Florals from fj -hion-darling brands like Chloe and Bella Freud feed her free spirit, but the j 11 i ce must have enough staying power to last all day despite her spray-it-in-the-air-and-walk-through application.

TOP TRAITS: Juggles a successful career with thrice-weekly workouts and DIY dinner parties. Hair and makeup for long hair This is the girl-next-door grown up.

LOOK FOR: Breton tops, tea dresse and bouncy blow waves. Sure, she’s skilled enough to tong them herself but she keeps standing appointmen is at the salon purely for the catch-up NATURAL HABITAT: Hovering around the Thomas Dux deli aisle, rose go! iPhone in hand. She’s likely on hoi i with her florist, wondering why he peonies were late this week. SIGNATURE LABELS: A well-behaved rose is her baseline scent, but she’ll mix it up with injections of green citrus or peony from fragrance houses made for women, not girls. Jo Malone, L’Artisan Parfumeur and Aerin Lauder’s namesake Aerin are good places to start.

TOP TRAITS: She has a penchant for skin-baring threads and thigh-high splits with the attitude to match. The Rebel isn’t afraid to let a potential wardrobe malfunction get in the way of a memorable sartorial moment. LOOK FOR: A worn-down tube of Tom Ford’s Cherry Lush lipstick lost at the base of her Saint Laurent Sac Universite. NATURAL HABITAT: Sipping her way down the exy cocktail list at a dimly lit bar, flanked by her equally cool friends (an up-and-coming hip-hop artist and an underground sculptor-slash-makeup artist). SIGNATURE LABELS: Her sprite must make an expensive and sexy statement – she doesn’t want to smell like everyone else. Dissident fragrance labels such as Alaia, Commes Des Gargons and Tom Ford all make mixes that turn in-the-know heads. Yes, they can also put off the timid, but she’s okay with that – her scent deliberately weeds out the weak.

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